These Content Marketing Practices Are Necessary For Every New Business

Content marketing was here when we weren’t here, and it will be here when we won’t be here. It’s the oldest and most fundamental form of marketing that goes side by side with every tactic, whether it be SEO or SMO.

Content marketing is no longer as simple as just telling the reader to buy your product or service. It plays with the psychology of customers, gets inside their mind, and tells them exactly what they want to hear to get their interest.

Though it’s ancient, every form of marketing has evolved with time. People are getting smarter and have become immune to old marketing tactics. So, everything has to change smartly. Here I have shared some powerful tips to make your content marketing up to date with requirements of twenty-first-century buyers.

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Create Detailed Audience Persona

Content marketing works if it’s personalized. The reader must feel like you wrote this content for him; that you get him and know exactly how to solve his problem. But how can you offer personalized experience if you don’t know the reader?

That’s why you must have a detailed audience persona that is based on research and experience. It will tell you about the attributes of your audience, their likes, and their dislikes. You will learn what problem they are facing and how you can solve that problem.

The next step, based on this foundation, will be studying their pain points – the answer that they want to hear. Once you get accurate pain points and match them with your unique selling point, you will see a boost in your conversion rate.

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USP of Saddleback Leather: “They will Fight Over it When You’re Dead”

Guest Posting On Relevant Sites

You have a story to tell, and you want your audience to hear it. But why would they listen to you? It’s a busy world, and they have a hundred other things to do. However, they can make time for something that might be entertaining or useful for them. But even then, you can’t easily bring them to your web page.

An easy and efficient way to getting your audience to read your story is through guest posting. There must be hundreds of other websites that offer exactly what you offer. Look for ones that are trusted and get a lot of traffic.

Remember, their visitors are your prospects. Reach out to them, make a deal, and publish a useful post on their blog as a guest. But, but, but…. It’s easier said than done. Looking for so many relevant websites, finding their DA, traffic, and email addresses, and then contacting to see if they are interested, this job would take months to get one post published.

A simple solution is to get the help of Globex outreach agency to do all this on your behalf. From finding sites to writing and publishing your guest post, they will get it all done for you within a few days. They have the largest network of partner bloggers in the world, and it’s the only company that can offer guest posting at such cheap rates.

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Learn How To Grab Attention

Getting the attention of your audience is the first and most important task of content. But, would they listen to you if you said, “Hey, see what I am selling?”. I’ll save to trouble and answer it for you. The answer would be, “No, thank you.”

You need creativity, like shown in the image below. Jess Bullas shared it as an example of how Squatty Potty got over 300 million views for such a boring product because they knew how to grab attention.

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