Crafting The Perfect Modern Resume [Infographic]

In today’s Internet society, things stay in constant motion. The way we presented ourselves before is long gone, and today we are all trying to create the perfect and most optimized online resume we can possibly put together. It’s not always the easiest of tasks when you think about the number of options you suddenly have at your disposal. A modern resume is vital in order to get employers to find you interesting enough to consider you for the position they are looking to fill.

How exactly do you put together a modern resume and what are you supposed to include and not include? The answers to these questions can be found in an infographic called Crafting The Perfect Modern Resume, presented by Colorado Technical University. It’s literally jam-packed with tips and guidelines for how you can put together the best online resume you can possibly muster.

The first thing for you to decide is what look and feel you want to create for your resume. Choosing the right font and layout is if course very important, but one thing that you should always remember is to stick to the point and not linger into things which will make the text long and tedious to read. Point out your best skills, qualities etc. and of course why you would be the best man or women for the job.

We have presented a few creative modern resumes here on Bit Rebels throughout the years, and all of those have gone viral and quite certainly helped people get the jobs they were trying to secure. So what can we learn from this? Well, creativity matters in all aspects. If you are creative, don’t hesitate to take an unorthodox approach. Standing out when applying for a job job is not a bad thing, it’s quite the contrary.

Another thing to remember is that video is taking over the Internet more each day, and incorporating some kind of video resume into your modern resume (through linkage) is another way to make sure you are doing something that most people haven’t even thought about. As of 2011, there were as many as 65,000 video resumes on YouTube. That should tell us that including a video in your resume is a positive touch. There are of course a million different things you can do to stand out in a crowd when applying for a job, and this modern resume guide will certainly help you become a little bit more creative.

Ultimate Guide To Crafting A Modern Resume