Create A Blog That Google Will Love – Here’s How

Creating a blog is the new millennium’s hobby. The internet does need content creators to enrich it and widen its scope. Making your own share can also generate your income, especially when you learn how to make Google love your blog. You can start with putting just anything on your site, but then, you can learn how to fully optimize it and earn you large traffic that can also be profitable to you. If you want to learn how to create an effective blog, there are some things you need to consider.

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An Awesome Format

In writing, we have always been taught to use a format that will be enticing and organized for the reader’s sake. This writing basic can be applied to creating blogs as well, it’s just that you can incorporate a richer content because you can add almost anything to a blog. You start with crafting a topic and writing a catchy headline that will surely be relevant and searchable on any search engine. In creating the body, you have to make a punchy introduction and highlight your main points.

In order not to make it look plain, you have to include a relevant picture as well before wrapping everything so you don’t leave your readers hanging. One important part is leaving room for feedback and comments. You should be able to end on an inviting note so that people who read your post will be engaged. This is one way Google can engage with your blog more too.

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to receive so much love on your blog is to make it to the top of the search engine results page. You can do this if you include keywords that will result in organic searches. This concept can be difficult to learn at first and an SEO Consultant would recommend you to do blogging like an SEO pro to eventually help you increase the performance of your site.

Establish interlinked connections with other places on the internet by including high authority links that can enrich your blog. This is done by putting links in your content which are other websites that are relevant to your topic and can provide other sources of information.

Valuable Content

People like to learn from what they read on the internet. When you put up a blog with valuable content, you establish yourself as a resource material for your audience. To produce valuable content, you should include information, other references, and resources, as well as show how things are done. When people Google search, they should be looking for your blog among the search results because this will eventually land your site to the top results.

You should do your best to make Google a friend of your blog. This will be an assurance the valuable content you post will not go wasted because it will reach your target readers. Once you have established a format that works for you and a way to incorporate SEO effectively, you can be among the most searched blogs out there.

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