Crypto vs Gambling – What’s The Difference Between The Two?

I think it’s safe to assume that most people have heard about cryptocurrency these days. It’s a phenomenon that continues to grow and the potential to earn money is great if you know what you are doing. Trading, whether it is crypto or using fiat, is always a touchy subject as it is estimated that only 1% of the people who trade make any significant amount of money out of it. The one question that always comes up is what the differences are between crypto trading and gambling? Well, the answer to that question is a little more complex than a simple answer.

Where crypto certainly appears to be luck more times than not, the prediction of a price can, to some degree, be calculated using a variety of factors. The funny thing is that it’s the same with gambling. Gambling is not all luck. There are ways to increase your odds of winning if you are prepared to dig deeper into the mechanics of each game. Sure, the house always has an edge, and no matter what you do the house will always have that edge. But, there is certainly room for an increase in the odds of winning.

For example, some people would argue that the best casino online is the one where the house´s edge is as low as possible. Other people argue that they rather win more when they win than to win often. As you can see, there are a lot of opinions around these mechanics and neither of them is wrong or right. It’s just the way the “game” is played.

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What Gambling Really Is All About

Gambling is, first and foremost, the prospect of having a good time. The opportunity to earn some money is the edge that makes gambling fun. Trading cryptocurrency is kind of the same thing, but still, it’s not. It’s complicated, I know.

Say for example that you put money in a cryptocurrency where the purpose is to make a profit. If we compare that to gambling, then the objective is the same. You bet money in order to make a profit. Both options share the same preferable end result. Furthermore, both gambling and cryptocurrency are more likely to be profitable the longer you have the resources to continue. But, those this really make gambling and trading cryptocurrencies the same endeavor? No, of course, it doesn’t.

How To Make A Profit

Even though the thought of making a profit sounds both positive and straightforward, the actual prospect of doing exactly that takes a lot of knowledge both when trading cryptocurrencies as well as when you are gambling. Again, there are no shortcuts or guarantees that you will ever make money either trading or gambling. This is something that you should always keep in mind when proceeding to either of these two opportunities.

One thing is certain, however, and that is that the more money you invest or gamble for, the greater the reward will be if you make a profit or win.

Closing Argument

I have been into both cryptocurrency and gambling for a long time and I know the risks vs rewards and one should always remember the number one rule and that is to never invest or gamble for more than one can afford to lose.

The best tip that anyone can ever give you is to do your own research. Learn, explore, experiment, research, and try. Take small steps and slowly grow your confidence and soon enough you will be able to see the picture more clearly. This will, in turn, ultimately create better opportunities for you to make a profit.

So, my final closing argument would be that yes, cryptocurrency trading and gambling involve the same amount of research being done prior to investing any significant amount of money. When it comes to luck, well, there are many different levels of luck. I’ll leave it at that.

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