Cryptocurrency Is Still In Its’ Infancy

It’s easy to complain about cryptocurrency and the speed by which this new movement is developing. However, it’s probably not fair or realistic to be too tough on this brand new sector. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Credit card processors like Visa and Mastercard took decades to convince people to use their services. It won’t be any different for cryptocurrency, other than the time spent converting people will end up being much less.

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The cryptocurrency market has advantages that make it worthwhile. Nearly instant payments and low transaction costs are ideas worth fighting for. Once people experience those benefits, they’ll get with the crypto program.

We can’t be surprised that crypto will hit some points where things seem to stall out. These are the periods where people are forced to admit their current ideas are not panning out. They’ll make adjustments and come up with better ideas about how to create financial systems. They’ll introduce new concepts that will become the backbone of how things are done going forward.

Right now, team leaders need to examine their results so they can take corrective action. If cryptocurrency projects are not going in the right direction, it’s time to make the necessary changes that will propel them forward.

This time of the year is one for reflection. Those who are in control of significant cryptocurrency projects will need to reflect on this year’s progress while planning for what comes next. One thing is sure: there MUST be many changes made going forward. The amount of failed projects this year was honestly mind-numbing.

More failures will be coming unless something radically new is offered. Even the most feature-rich cryptocurrencies are still languishing due to a lack of adoption. This trend is unlikely to change unless the marketing funnels that bring in new enthusiasts are broadened.

Most current altcoin projects tend to market to the exact same group of people with no thought to where the new blood is coming from. This will need to change in order for the movement to expand.

This is likely what WILL happen. Numerous people are working on cryptocurrency full time. Yes, it’s a nascent industry. But that doesn’t negate the fact that the growth potential is literally enormous. The stakes are high, and specifically dedicated teams understand this and will exploit the growth going forward. Big things are coming!

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