Discover Where Your Sales Employee’s Strengths Truly Lie

As a director or manager working in sales, you often wonder whether you’re leveraging the full potential of your team; perhaps you’re hitting your targets consistently but worry whether each member of your team is feeling adequately challenged. Perhaps there was a time when an employee was awarded the rare opportunity to work on a project outside of their direct field of expertise, yet the strength, fire, drive, and excellence they showed made you wonder whether they were truly getting the most out of their regular position. Perhaps they wondered this themselves.

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What Are Your Sales Employee’s Strengths?

Just because someone is hired for one position, and does relatively decent work, does not meet there isn’t a better role out there for them – one that utilizes their soft skills to the fullest. This role might be the very position your company has been trying to fill for months but has yet to find a candidate well suited for the rigor.

Many great salespeople are versatile and can manage working in a variety of situations, but everyone has a forte; wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on knowing whether there was something you could do to make your fine sales team a revenue-building powerhouse?

Why not discover the strengths in your employees before you even hire them with sales personality testing? A sales personality test can measure the soft skills of each employee in relation to both the demands of their position and those of other positions in the company. While originally developed to alleviate hiring risks, this test can also be implemented as part of performance evaluations, giving employers a more transparent idea of what a salesperson has potential for, as well as what they could work on to grow.

The tests can be obtained through companies like SalesTestOnline and measure qualities like stamina, emotional maturity, dependence, sense of urgency, assertiveness and more. You may be surprised to have some of your team scoring at levels their superiors are not, and the results could be a chance for those in different departments or even those working in different levels of management to learn from one another.

For example, someone who could use a stronger sense of urgency when they’re on a call and struggles with intuiting when a window of opportunity is closing can observe someone who has scored high in this category. Therefore, employing these tests can serve a valuable training purpose.

These tests are accessible, non-invasive and they are not skills based, so employees can take them even during an evaluation and not feel overly pressured to manufacture answers but to answer honestly. So long as employers assure their staff the results will be used to help them progress forward with the company, employees are unlikely to refuse a test.

Some employees may not be aware of what they’re capable of until they’re assigned to a job best suited for their sales personalities. Get that inside scoop by choosing a sales personality test for evaluation and training purposes today, and ensure both your employees and your company are on the best track for growth and success.

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