Dr. Jeff Comer’s Tips On How To Effectively Manage A Business And Team

A manager’s role in the workplace constantly changes, from overseeing the work of staff and inspiring a lively mindset to setting the bar high in their own performance, all while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Their personnel should be a direct reflection of themselves, but the onus is on the manager to first earn trust from colleagues, create team unity, and collaborate in an honest fashion.

Dr. Jeff Comer formerly of Sitka, Alaska, now located in Arizona, is an experienced CEO who has lead many hospitals over a timeline of 20 years, lists a few key tips that will assist a manager in his or her career.

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Develop A Rapport

An effective manager understands the importance of building a rapport with his or her group, Jeff Comer states. How they accomplish that is through being a great listener, taking mental notes, following through on intentions, and demonstrating a take-charge attitude. Also, a productive manager will constantly engage in conversations and situations, even those unpleasant ones. Go out of your way to be proactive with your employees, as they will appreciate your willingness to communicate and engage with them.

Set The Tone

A productive manager will establish his or her credibility not by highlighting results from their past job titles, but through their performance in the present, CEO Jeff Comer confirms. Although a proven track record and reputation is respected, this new managerial position is a clean slate. Strong managers drive business results, serve as mentors, and, perhaps most importantly, are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

With a consistent and active approach in how they operate, how they achieve results, and how they build teams within the organization, an effectual manager can allow their actions to do all of the talking.

Be A Model Communicator

By being a great communicator across all departments of a company, one will be positively perceived by their colleagues, Jeff Comer says. Find the time to get to know the people involved in your business across all departments because it will only strengthen relationships and simplify the process when you relay your needs to the team. Again, this is imperative in forming a mutual trust with your employees and further solidifying your credibility.

From an operational perspective, communication is just as influential, breaking down departmental isolation and creating an interdependency between people. Relationships are nurtured, improved, and workplace alliances are constructed, resulting in an environment that encourages teamwork.

Reward And Recognize Hard Work

Excellent work efforts from your team members have to be noticed and rewarded, Jeff Comer notes. Even small celebrations should be encouraged. Your workers will feel proud and galvanized from such an acknowledgment, particularly when it is completed in front of the group.

Listen And Learn

A credible manager has to remain humble and accept criticism or recommendations in changing their leadership methodologies. Ask your team members for their thoughts on your style on a regular basis rather than assuming all is well or silencing them. Open dialogue is a foundational aspect of a positive, team-centered workplace environment, and a credit to effective management.

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