Why Workplace Kitchens Are Essential For Every Office Space [Infographic]

It is a fact that most offices these days run on caffeine, and a majority of the employees pay a visit to the coffee machine at work even before they check their inbox. While their desks are where all the great work happens, it is the kitchen area of a workplace that keeps the employees energized and refreshed throughout the day. It is not just a place to grab a bite or a drink but also to take a break from the hectic routine and to catch a few breaths in between grueling meetings. This is why workplace kitchens form an essential part of a well-designed office space and come with a bounty of benefits, as described in the infographic below, created by jason.l.

Although employees may be working together on the same project for years, what they truly bond over is a cup of coffee or tea. An inviting kitchen area, where there is a comfortable space to sit and sip the brew, is essential for team bonding as well as for interaction with the members of other teams. Therefore, these workplace kitchens help those working under the same roof to connect better, which in turn will allow them to work and communicate better whenever the need arises.

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[pullquote]Additionally, research claims that taking small breaks while working can help in enhancing productivity.[/pullquote] The workplace kitchen provides this much-needed break from the mundane environment of the office. Sitting at a desk all day long, eyes glued to a computer screen, is bad for the body as well as for the mind. Taking a quick coffee break in a well-lit room refuels the system for the hours ahead. To maximize the benefits of these breaks, careful attention must be paid to the comfort of the kitchen furniture. The furniture, including the office chairs, should have an ergonomic design that is suitable for eating and drinking so that the employees do not take the food back to their desks and instead take some time out to enjoy the meal.

Having a workplace kitchen also allows the organization to encourage the employees to adopt healthy habits. Fruits and other nutritional snacks can be placed in the kitchen, in the fridge or the vending machine, so that the employees may make healthier diet choices.

These small efforts will make the employees realize that the organization genuinely cares for their well-being, which in turn will help in improving the environment of the workplace. Equally important is keeping the kitchen area clean at all times because kitchen sinks and refrigerator handles are some of the spots that are prone to maximum contamination. Putting up posters regarding hygiene and placing bottles of hand sanitizer at all such spots can help improve the cleanliness of the kitchen.

With the help of the tips provided in the infographic below, a kitchen area can truly liven up an office space. A few design changes to an existing kitchen or the construction of a kitchen as per the guidelines provided in the infographic can transform an office and make it more employee-friendly. Remember, a workplace kitchen is not just a dark corner where the coffee machine sits but a zone for the employees to recharge, connect, and get inspired.

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Why Workplace Kitchens Are Essential For Every Office Space

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