Dr. Ryan Shelton On How The Medical Field Changed His Perspective On Life And Business

Dr. Ryan Shelton is the founder and CEO of Zenith Labs, a natural health company. He is based in Hawaii, where he treats patients holistically using natural remedies.

When Dr. Ryan Shelton initially attended medical school, he was dissatisfied with the types of treatment that he was taught. He left medical school and gained a philosophy degree, further reinforcing his concepts of how health and the mind are connected.

Dr. Shelton later returned to medical school, where he learned to run a holistic practice and help his patients live naturally healthy lives.

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The founding of Zenith Labs was inspired by Dr. Shelton’s work as a physician. He became aware that his patients were having a difficult time maintaining a healthy lifestyle on their own, and he wanted to make it simple for these patients to achieve better results. He created several valuable products like supplements and skincare remedies that helped his patients live well.

Dr. Ryan Shelton is convinced that his methods can help patients before they develop a chronic illness, managing their bodies to the point where they stay healthy. His principles of medical care involve promoting wellness, rather than simply treating disease.

Zenith Labs has been a valuable resource for many patients and customers. Dr. Shelton’s company has helped to transform many people’s lives, and he will continue to create valid solutions for many problems that his customers and patients may face with their health.

Why Did You Decide To Create Your Own Business?

I became aware of needs in the medical market that were not being met by existing products. I believe that my company’s products are the best supplements on the market, and I have developed each one very carefully. I wanted to create a company that would complement my holistic medical practice and help teach my patients and customers how to live their best lives.

What Do You Love Most About The Industry You Are In?

I love hearing about the changes that people have made in their health using our products. It is personally and professionally satisfying to hear about our customers’ success in taking control of their own health.

Who Has Been A Role Model To You And Why?

I became close to a naturopathic physician while I was in medical school. He helped me learn how to revamp my ideas for a more natural way of treating patients. He helped me develop my philosophy of the deep connections between physical and mental health.

How Do You Maintain A Solid Work-Life Balance?

It is always hard for physicians to maintain a proper work-life balance. We frequently work outside of normal business hours. Couple that with the demands of running Zenith Labs, and you have a recipe for overwork. I have had to carve out time to devote to my own personal pursuits over the years as a means of balancing my work and home life.

My family also helps me stay focused. Spending time with friends and loved ones is a relaxing break from my dual responsibilities.

What Traits Do You Possess That Make A Successful Leader?

I believe that compassion is one of my most valuable qualities when it comes to being a leader. I try to treat my employees fairly at all times and to see them as human beings rather than cogs in the machine. Having respect for the human side of medicine has had a positive influence on how I manage people as well.

What Suggestions Do You Have For Someone Starting In Your Industry?

Don’t be afraid to take a different professional path if your education is not what you hoped it would be. I was discouraged in medical school on my first try, but I later found my niche in natural medicine. I am grateful that I listened to my instincts and dropped out of medical school the first time around. I was able to find my perfect job a few years later.

What Has Been The Hardest Obstacle You’ve Overcome?

Quitting medical school the first time I attended was one of my greatest personal challenges but also a great opportunity for change. I had to face a great deal of disapproval from my family and friends when I dropped out. Medical school represents a huge chunk of time and money, and my family members were worried that I was throwing it all away, especially when I became a philosophy major instead.

Outside Of Work, What Defines You As A Person?

Living in Hawaii gives me so many opportunities to experience the beauty of nature. I love to hike and scuba dive. I believe that spending time in nature helps to define me as a person. I also love to read, discuss books, and spend time with my family and friends.

What Trends In Your Industry Excite You?

I am excited by the prospect of new research. Medical science is fascinating because it never stops changing. Having a handle on how medical science is developing is truly amazing.

Explain The Proudest Day Of Your Professional Life

The proudest day in my professional life so far has been when I started my company, Zenith Labs. The first order that we received was so exciting. My company has grown a great deal since those early days, but it was invigorating to know that my products were going to help a consumer live a better life.

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