Effective Business Process Management With Innovative Technologies

The essence of business process management is ensuring full visibility and optimization of all processes taking place in the organization. In order to ensure the achievement of these two objectives, companies focus on innovative and technologically advanced tools, which enable automation, analysis, monitoring, and continuous improvement of business processes in order to improve their efficiency and profitability.

With automation, business processes become more transparent, effective, and efficient, which has a positive impact on almost every aspect of the company’s operations.

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Business Processes And Their Role In Company Operations

Business processes constitute a cornerstone of operations in every organization since they enable coordination of all the activities. According to the most common definition, the notion of business processes is understood as a repetitive single activity or a set of activities, whose main objective is to develop a specific product, service or achieve another set goal.

In other words, business processes are sequences of actions or steps, which are to be performed in order to achieve a specific, measurable end result. The activities carried out as part of the process may result for example in creating a new document, developing a product, writing an e-mail, as well as many other tasks, which are characterized by a certain repetitiveness.

Business processes can be divided into two key categories. The first of them are core processes, which are crucial for the functioning of the company, and which have an essential impact on its business results and bottom line. The key characteristic of the core processes is that they usually result in creating an added value, and their disruption can essentially hinder the functioning of the entire company.

The second group encompasses back-office processes, which support core processes, ensuring that they are carried out in a proper manner. Back-office processes rarely directly contribute to the creation of added value, and they often generate relatively high costs.

What Is Business Process Management And What Are Its Benefits?

Business process management (BPM) is an approach to process management, whose main objective is to optimize the workflows involved in the processes. BPM is designed to continuously improve the management of the company, which results in increased work efficiency and achieving business objectives in a more effective manner, which are crucial for ensuring the proper development and systematic strengthening of the company’s position on the market.

Business process management in the modern sense promotes effective and efficient operations, supports the pursuit of innovation, offers opportunities to better adapt to the dynamic changes occurring in the modern market landscape, thus enabling to gain a significant competitive advantage, as well as to achieve or maintain the position of a market leader.

With effective and efficient business process management, the company gains a full insight into all the processes taking place within the organization, thus moving closer towards achieving process excellence. A skillful implementation of BPM, supported by proper business process automation tools, significantly improves the company’s operations, making it more efficient, better organized, more effective, and more competitive.

Highly innovative and technologically advanced BPM-class systems are advanced tools, which are deployed by companies all over the world to handle their business processes in a professional manner. Such tools enable efficient business process management and automation across all kinds of companies and organizations.

Modern Business Process Management Systems And Their Features

High-end modern business process management systems are technologically advanced software suites, developed in line with the most stringent and innovative standards concerning IT solutions for business.

Business process management systems enable companies to build a variety of business applications needed by the company at a given moment, enabling them to automate both typical process scenarios (including holiday applications, cost approval, etc.), as well as more specific processes (such as processing loan applications or product testing). Top-of-the-line BPM solutions are characterized by easy and efficient integration with other suites already deployed in the company, including ERP and CRM platforms, as well as specialized IT systems.

Some of the most worthwhile solutions for business include highly-functional and technologically advanced low-code platforms, which enable their users to quickly and easily build business applications using drag&drop method in the so-called designers, using an application wizard, thus eliminating the need for knowing programming languages and learning how to code.

Implementing such an innovative and highly-functional solution enables the company to stop relying on services provided by development teams while introducing the so-called Citizen Assisted Development paradigm, according to which all applications are created in the process of synergistic cooperation between their end-users and IT specialists, thus ensuring that all business applications are tailored to the current needs of the company while ensuring that best IT practices, as well as business circumstances and links to the existing IT ecosystem of the company, are all taken into consideration.

It is also worth adding that the best low-code platforms available on the market also enable efficient change management in real-time, thanks to their bespoke technologies. In reality, this entails the ability to implement changes and modifications in both currently developed, as well already deployed applications, according to the rhythm of business, with immediate result, thus making sure that the time-to-business is as short as possible.

This is crucial for any dynamically growing organization because such a solution gives the company an ability to quickly respond to the changing business needs, without downtime or transition periods, while maintaining full control over the portfolio of deployed business applications, which is particularly invaluable in the age of digital transformation.

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