Efficient eCommerce – What To Automatize First?

“The website – is the main tool of the eCommerce” – is a prophetic truth for every online entrepreneur. In this case, the vast majority of eCommerce back office is not automated at all. For a beginner businessman, this task does not seem to be a priority. The main thing – to reach a certain turnover and make a profit. No one thinks about the price that will be paid for the lack of automation of certain areas of the online store later.

Describe the main, in our opinion, the tasks of automating business processes that need to be solved at the earliest stage of the development of the online store.

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Accounting For Orders And Customers

All orders that come to the online store from the site, by phone or e-mail, must be stored somewhere. As a rule, the CMS base of the online store is used for this purpose. Orders placed by customers on the site, automatically get to the CMS database. Other orders, for example, received by phone, the manager draws up for the client, using the same form on the site. The disadvantage of this approach is the lack of tools for reporting, so you have to use the services of a programmer.

It is very important to start accumulating any information about orders and customers as early as possible. This allows us to draw important conclusions for the further development of sales and online stores as a whole. Also, the analysis of statistics can result in changes in advertising companies and other marketing tools.

Financial Accounting

Each company, including the online store, is created for financial gain. For an accurate understanding of the profitability of the online store must keep records of all costs and income.

It is possible to keep financial records in Excel and at the beginning, it makes no sense to invest in special software. But at a certain stage of business development, it is necessary to start using software for trade and financial accounting, which, as a rule, requires integration with the site and improvement under the peculiarities of the business.

Downloading Of Balances On The Site

Many eCommerce stores do not have their own warehouses, so they have to work from the warehouses of suppliers. The supplier sends information about stock balances in any format, most often in Excel. If you work with several suppliers, you receive several files in different formats. Uploading information about the availability of goods to the online store site each time requires special data preparation. This process takes quite a lot of time, and it is often necessary to do it every day.

Accounting And Control Of Tasks

If your project is developing, your team must constantly perform tasks according to a certain plan. Create a development plan in Excel and assign tasks according to this plan to the implementers. But the Excel file will not be enough to automate the accounting of tasks and get statistics on their execution. You should use special systems or services that allow you to manage projects and assign tasks to both employees and freelancers.


Any business requires constant analysis of all kinds of indicators. It is impossible to understand the company’s efficiency without statistics and metrics. Click collect as many metrics as possible and analyze them regularly, and automation will help you do this. Automation, even at the simplest level, will require a lot of work from you, but the result will be the ability to see the business from different angles. This will allow you to make the right strategic decisions at an early stage. We wish you success!

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