Email Marketing – 3 Reasons To Revisit The Basics For Every Campaign You Launch

Every marketing master worth their salt periodically reviews the basics of their craft. It doesn’t matter if they’re the world’s highest-paid email marketing guru – their process involves reviewing the basics to ensure they stay on target.

Revisit the basics of email marketing with every new product or service you launch. You can’t copy and paste success; it must be built from the ground up each time.

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1. Use Consent To Avoid Being Nailed For Spam

To send emails as part of your marketing campaign, you need explicit consent from recipients. This is best achieved by using a double opt-in for every signup.

Consequences for spam in both the U.S. and Canada have always been severe, but as of July 1, 2014, Canada introduced anti-spam legislation (CASL) that applies worldwide. This legislation requires all commercial emails received in Canada to be sent from a physical computer located in Canada. This anti-spam legislation is the strictest yet. You can’t send Canadian residents commercial emails unless the emails originate from a computer in Canada. No routing is allowed.

Strict anti-spam laws are the reason businesses are advised to send existing subscribers an opt-in confirmation.

How A Double Opt-In Works:

A double opt-in isn’t specifically required by law, but it’s the recommended way to meet your obligation to get explicit permission to email your contacts. A double opt-in works like this:

  • Someone signs up for your email list
  • A confirmation email is sent and the recipient must click a link to verify they want to be placed on your email list
  • When the recipient clicks, they’re placed on your list, and you have hard proof they chose to be on your list

Subscribers might report you to your email marketing provider for sending spam, but a double opt-in will protect you from legal action. Email marketing providers will shut down your account if too many spam reports are filed, but if the complaining users opted in, you may be able to fight account termination.

2. When Results Get Good, It’s Easy To Lose Sight Of Small Details

Say you launch an email marketing campaign for your business, and after six months of hard work, you start seeing big results. Subscribers are pouring in, products are flying off the virtual shelf, and you’re gaining followers by the thousands on social media platforms. You’re a success!

Now, say your success inspires you to launch another product. It’s easy to lose sight of the mundane tasks that made up the foundation of your initial success. For instance, extensive market research, niche-specific lead generation, and creating a custom email sequence are tasks that take significant time and effort. You may be tempted to copy and paste everything and change up the product details to save time. However, that’s a shortcut that will ensure your second product launch isn’t a success like the first.

Marketing masters don’t copy and paste their email marketing content from one product to another. Sometimes templates are used, but the pros know each product requires a unique approach, especially when the market demographics are different.

3. Some Marketing Tactics Aren’t Compatible With Email Marketing

Most people get acquainted with email marketing, and then explore other marketing strategies like PPC ads, social media marketing, content marketing, and even direct mail. This is a wise move, with one caution: marketing tactics don’t always overlap between strategies. If you’re not careful, you’ll use a seemingly innocent tactic with the wrong strategy.

For example, in direct mail, it’s common and legal to purchase lists consisting of names and addresses of people who might be interested in your product. There are laws that govern how you can use these lists in the U.S., but the laws are easy enough to follow, and a direct response has a much higher response rate than email. However, when it comes to email marketing, it’s a bad idea to use purchased email lists. There’s no way to verify where the emails were collected, and there’s no official opt-out list like there is for direct mail.

Revisit The Basics Of Email Marketing For Every Launch

Email marketing basics are the foundation for a successful campaign. Even when a new product is similar to the one you just launched, take the time to explore the competition, research the market, generate relevant leads, and deliver the right message to those leads.

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