Encouraging Your Employees To Work As A Team

Up to 3 in 4 employees in the U.S. rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important” when it comes to organizational success. In fact, executives and employees across the board believe that lack of collaboration as a team could be killing many businesses and is one of the major reasons for workplace failures. As a business owner, fostering teamwork among employees is critical.

However, with fast-changing work schedules and working with different co-workers, it’s easy for employees to lose a sense of teamwork. Whether you’re a business manager, franchise owner or a team leader, it’s important to implement different strategies to encourage your employees to work as a collaborative team to achieve the same business goals. Here’s what you should do.

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Set Clear Team Goals

While individual roles do have an impact on business operations, teamwork is what drives organizations to success. Consider setting clear team goals where every team member can contribute towards achieving them. You have to be clear that their collaborative effort will be needed to achieve each new goal. Ensure you have specific goals including:

  • Job goals – These should define the tasks to be done. For instance, ensuring that new employees learn how to use equipment in the workplace.
  • Project goals – These are purely collaborative as everyone in the team is involved. For instance, ensuring that the warehouse team keeps delivery boxes organized at all times.
  • Professional goals – These are goals that encourage employees to advance in their careers. For instance, ask a high-performing employee to start training for a managerial position.
  • Performance goals – These are done with the entire team in mind to reach a major milestone. For instance, improving customer acquisition online.

When you set these goals, you must explain the value of teamwork to your employees and how learning together helps each of them reach their personal goals. If you have a large organization, having automated software like an employee scheduler will make things much easier when it comes to allocating tasks, according to Humanity schedule maker.

Define Specific Team Roles

Defining specific team roles is critical to achieving success. Roles should enable employees to understand what they’re supposed to do, what actions are required from team members to reach specific goals and how each individual contributes to their success as a team. You’ll want to define team roles as a leader, critic, coordinator, implementer, and inspector.

Among all the different roles in an organization, you must also have an overall authority to oversee the implementation of goals and the progress made over time. Defining team roles helps you keep track of goals, maintain focus on employee schedules, uncover issues and resolve them much faster, perform quality control and oversee the entire operation.

Educate Your Employees About Teamwork

In some cases, employees may have no idea about proper teamwork. Most of them will focus only on what they’re supposed to do. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to teach your employees techniques that incorporate teamwork, according to AZCentral business insights. You can promote teamwork by making day-to-day tasks more fun, offering incentives, bringing employees together by organizing open-talk meetings and recognizing team spirit.

Ensure You Have Open Channels Of Communication

It’s important to keep your lines of communication open to allow your employees to share their views and express their feelings to prevent any potential problems. Encouraging open communication in your workplace makes your team feel more comfortable about discussing sensitive issues.


Listening to each other’s opinion helps build better employee dynamics and foster stronger work relations. Communication is one of the dominant activities in an organization. In fact, the survival of an organization is based on effective relationships among the employees, according to a Biz Journal’s article on why employee communication matters.

Provide Regular Company Insights

Giving your employees a look into your company’s performance, summary of recent achievements, newsworthy successes, work updates and other important organizational data is critical to keeping your entire team aligned towards the same goals. Learning the importance of teamwork will help your business more than you think, so always encourage your employees to embrace collaborative effort.

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