Eric Strand Of Marshfield, MA On Difficulties Businesses Are Facing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on people’s lives, especially those who are business owners that have tried to adapt their strategies in order to deal with the new realities. Many businesses that have relied on face-to-face interaction have had to transition over to online services, but for some businesses that those adjustments haven’t been enough. This is especially true in the state of Massachusetts, where the cultural sector supported 71,000 jobs statewide, with an economic impact of $2.3 billion.

Eric Strand of Marshfield, MA, is a senior UX product designer with expertise in conceptual prototyping, information architecture, workflow and wireframing for functional specification, and web application development for enterprise business solutions. He has a range of experience working with big and small brands in Marshfield, Massachusetts. He shares the difficulties businesses are facing due to the pandemic.

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Working From Home

The pandemic has forced many people to work from home, as many offices are closed or lack the necessary social distancing measures required. The challenges not only involve isolation and communicating with clients remotely, but don’t have the convenience of face-to-face interaction with co-workers. Many businesses were forced to close their doors after many states across the nation declared a state of emergency that prohibited the gathering of more than ten people.

Many essential businesses were able to keep their doors open and operate as close to normal as possible. Still, Marshfield, MA’s Eric Strand, saw many shutter their doors and struggle with the new reality created.

Frontline employees have had to get used to wearing personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, and even face shields, to serve customers and protect themselves from the coronavirus. Getting these supplies is also a challenge due to the overwhelming demand and limited supply.

Businesses Re-Opening

Businesses throughout the U.S. are trying to sort out the challenges of re-opening as state restrictions start to get loosened by government officials. While they re-open, they are adapting to a new reality with proper physical distancing and other ways of operating.

For example, as it has been proven that the virus can be airborne in enclosed spaces, many restaurants have been operating with patio and take-out service only and are not offering alcohol in order to ensure people are not spending extended periods of time there. Some businesses are only allowing a certain amount of people inside at the same time, including staff members.

Many smaller businesses have struggled to get assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program, and even if they get approved, getting their employees to return is also a challenge because of the potential health risks.

Final Thoughts From Eric Strand Of Marshfield, MA

As the pandemic continues and many states are believed to be experiencing a “second wave,” the full economic effects of the crisis are unclear. While many predict a “V” or “W” shaped recovery, it is still too soon to tell. It is also unknown when a vaccine will be created, which could end the physical distancing measures for businesses and allow them to operate as normal.

In the meantime, businesses continue to persevere. Strong businesses are learning to adapt by developing creative strategies while others, who are staying stagnant, are falling by the wayside. While this may seem like bad news, this pandemic presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to set themselves apart, says Eric Strand.

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