6 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Have A Website

As we move towards an increasingly digital world, you would think that most businesses would place “creating a website” at the top of their to-do-list, alongside finding the right web hosting provider, and making sure that they have a powerful content marketing plan in place. A website gives your business the credibility and presence it needs to thrive. If you’re online, then you’re guaranteed to get more sales, more interest, and more trust from your target audience.

Unfortunately, there are still some companies out there that haven’t invested in a website. In fact, in 2013, only about 45% of all small businesses had a website according to some surveys. While this statistic might be shocking to some, it’s worth noting that building and managing a website can be a daunting prospect. When business owners are forced to wear multiple hats at once – from a receptionist to buyer, accountant, and salesperson – adding “webmaster” to the mix can be too much to handle.

Here, we’re going to look at the reasons why all businesses should have a website – even if that means outsourcing your web building and development needs to an expert.

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1. Everyone Is Online

[pullquote]When people want to get information about a product, service, or company today, they go online.[/pullquote] The phonebook is a think of the past, and even television advertisements don’t get the same level of attention as they used to. When it comes to making sure that you’re placing your company in front of your audience at the right time, it’s crucial to make sure that you have a valid and valuable web presence.

Whether it’s simply showing up in the search engines for the latest local searches, or ensuring that you have a social media presence that links back to a landing page so you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, it’s important that you don’t underestimate the power of a website.

2. Websites Give Your Business Legitimacy

In the past, people used to assume that businesses without a real, physical address were filled with scam artists. Today, the same thought process is true for companies without a website. If you don’t have a website, this raises questions in the mind of your customers. They wonder if you’re not invested enough in your business to be able to create a presence for yourself online and ask whether you have the confidence to support their needs.

On the other hand, websites give your business a sense of legitimacy that’s crucial for building trust in the digital age. They answer all the questions your customers have about your company and set the path for conversions.

3. Websites Provide Another Marketing Channel

Having your own online website helps to give you an automatic presence online. It’s like building a digital billboard for your business. You instantly have another way to start introducing people to your services and products, as well as another way to help them find you online.

Of course, a number of people you attract to your website will depend on the marketing efforts you invest in to supplement your online presence, such as blogging, search engine optimisation, and social media. Even your web hosting speed can count towards your success.

4. A New Solution For Lead Generation

Websites give you a fantastic way to generate more information about your business, about the people you’re trying to attract and serve. It’s much harder to convince someone in your physical store to write their phone number and email address down on a piece of paper you give them in store. However, if you can convince people to give you their details online by allowing them to subscribe to a blog or newspaper, you can begin to gather important information that you can use for future marketing strategies.

The best way to generate leads online, of course, is to make sure that your customers feel like they’re getting something in return for their information. Whether that’s a special report, an eBook, or a newsletter is entirely up to you.

5. eCommerce Spending Is Growing By The Year

[pullquote]In the past, people used to avoid spending money online because they were convinced that online stores simply weren’t secure.[/pullquote] However, the more companies invest in making their transaction experiences safer, the more people around the world are adopting eCommerce as a natural and convenient way to get access to the things that they want and need. The result has been a rise in eCommerce shopping almost every year for the past decade.

By having a website online, you can not only reach out to your customers and raise awareness for your brand, but you can also build your own online store where people can book your services, or buy your products to be shipped to their location. This is a great way for even small companies to boost their profits.

6. Better Customer Service

Finally, the world today is more focused on customer experience than ever before. Fortunately, you can optimise the way customers think and feel about your company, by improving the customer service solutions you provide. Customers can get instant access to your details if they need to ask you a question or notify you about problems with the goods and services that they obtained from your brand.

A website gives companies the chance to respond to feedback from their customers, and invest in better consumer satisfaction. You can even implement instant chat features that allow people to communicate with your business faster than ever!

Why Aren’t You Online?

People who have yet to create a website for their business often have a million excuses as to why they haven’t gone digital. Some people say that they simply don’t have the time to spend on their online presence, while others believe that they don’t have the expertise to create a website.

However, the availability of online web developers and designers today means that anyone can have a website constructed for them on their behalf. If you want more business for your store, then your website is like a business card for your company. It’s a must-have for this digital age, and the only way to stay competitive.

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6 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Have A Website

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