eSports Arena Business – 5 Tips

Gaming is currently a very profitable niche, as esports tournaments are becoming highly acclaimed globally. Electronic sports are nowadays almost as successful as classic sports, if not even more attractive for certain demographics.

This quick growth of the e-gaming sector makes many entrepreneurs think about starting an esports arena business. Many things should be taken into account when developing a business plan for this specific gaming space. One of the most important nuances is picking a suitable and high-quality esports center management software. Here are some tips on starting an esports arena company.

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Picking a Suitable Space

Esports tournaments are becoming bigger each year, which means you will need a large space to host at least two playing teams and the audience. Classic sports gather whole stadiums of spectators and the biggest esports events already are on the same scale. When working on your esports arena business plan, try to estimate the number of visitors you will get. It might be better to focus on a smaller space and create a cyber cafe while booking specialized gaming arenas for events.

Investing in High-Quality Esports Software

All esports arena business ideas come down to focusing on specialized software. There are many unique processes involved in running this type of business. For example, all client PCs have to be managed from somewhere like an admin panel. Playing at a cyber cafe is not free, which means clients have to pay for their time. Each session on client computers has to be monitored and controlled if necessary. Of course, all of these processes and many others can be done manually, but esports software allows simplifying the process significantly.

SENET is an esports arena management software that can be used at gaming centers, internet cafes, or cyber arenas. One of the great advantages of SENET is that it is cloud-based and does not require a separate device to run the admin software. It can be accessed online from any browser, allowing easier monitoring and management of client devices. There is a selection of tools that allow setting up esports tournaments, integrating global leaderboards, and even competing with professional esports players.

Ensuring Stable Internet Connection

This goes without saying, but special attention has to be paid to the Internet connection at your gaming space. Gaming online requires powerful Internet to ensure smooth experience for all players, whether they are at your cybercafe or somewhere else online.


Gaming is often time-consuming and also tiring if we are talking about professional esports. Tournaments can take hours to finish and both players and spectators need to have access to drinks and at least some snacks. This is a very important thing to consider if you want to create comfortable gaming conditions and an atmosphere for everyone.


SENET will take care of the Internet security, but general safety measures should be also considered. Gaming equipment is very expensive, which is why esports arenas have to be protected at all times. Ensuring the security of your equipment is also important for the comfort and safety of your clients and their personal data.

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