Essential B2B Sales Strategy To Boost Your SaaS Product Sales

If you developed a Saas (Software as a Service) product that’s generating decent income, you’re probably in a happy place. But if you’re keen on adding a few more digits to that sales figure, you’re going to need an effective B2B sales strategy to bring in new customers as well as retain the old ones.

Due to tough competition around, it can be a difficult task, but a well-thought strategic plan can help boost your SaaS product sales. We’ll discuss it below.

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Go For Direct Sales

Direct selling gets you in touch with the right people. Often, the first salespeople from a company are from the top management, mostly decision-makers. This is your chance to show your product offerings directly to the customer and make an impression.

If you’ve never tried direct selling before, you can start by researching your target customer. When you have the idea, locate these people from:

  • Facebook or Linkedin groups, as they might be active here
  • Search for the job title on Linkedin to gather data on potential customers
  • Purchase a list from a broker
  • You can also use an existing list if you have one

Once you have a prospective customers list ready, do the following:

  1. Acquire a virtual assistance service and ask your VA to gather email addresses, company names, job titles, and any other relevant information that may help you with your direct selling plan. Ask the VA to save the information in a Google doc or spreadsheet.
  2. Use an automated email outreach tool (which sends multiple emails in a day, includes templates, scheduler, and more) to reach your target clients.
  3. Upload your sales campaign along with a CSV file containing client contact and send the emails per your set schedule.
  4. Host a webinar using a professional webinar platform to invite your target customers to a for a more personalized event, where you’re also introducing your Saas product.
  5. During your webinar, reach a call to action, where you’re directing your attendees to a product landing page, where they’d make a purchase.

Avoid cold calling at all costs. It’s an old-fashioned method that can have adverse effects and your phone number, in some cases even getting your number blocked.

Create An Impressive Value Proposition

You’re well aware of all the cool and magical things your Saas product can do, but how will you translate those thoughts into a compelling value proposition? Clear communication is your key to success. An effective value proposition must answer the following questions:

  • What is the product, and what can it do for the buyer?
  • What makes your product different from other similar options?
  • How does the product fulfill the promised value?

Always curate your value proposition according to the business you’re selling the product to, and never follow a generic approach. You can use a presentation template but edit it to meet individual client needs. Mention how your product can help that specific business because, in the end, it’s individual people who make the final purchase decisions.

Use Google Ads

You can’t deny the power of search engines and their significance towards a successful business. If people are looking for your product, using Google Ads may turn out a profitable step.

Google Ads auctions keywords that show highest on the search engine results page (SERP), based on CPC (cost-per-click), and whoever bids the highest price gets the top position for that keyword search.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a Google Ads account and allow conversion tracking.
  • Do some keyword research and bid on the most relevant keywords to combine with your Google Ads campaign. Also, keep an eye on competitors’ branded keywords, as bidding on them will likely find customers who might switch to your service.
  • Categorize your keywords into separate themes. Create a campaign based on each with 5 to 25 keywords within each campaign. Optimize your ad copy to meet the searcher’s needs.
  • Your website landing page should meet the criteria stated in your Google Ads.
  • Select your geographical location, enter your budget and bidding amount. Initially, start with a low CPC range.

Use SEO To Your Benefit

Search engine optimization, if done correctly, can generate countless leads for your Saas business in less time. The most common method is blog-focused content marketing. Relevant and fresh content leads to website traffic, resulting in more potential customers.

Do the following to take full advantage of SEO:

  • Choose targeted keywords. You can use the same keywords from your Google Ads, but you’ll also need some keywords with a high search rate but low competition. There are quality keyword research tools available online to help you find the best for your Saas product.
  • Initially, aim for at least five blog posts per month. Regular posting will have Google’s web crawlers coming for your website quickly. If you’re short on time, try outsourcing your content.
  • Quality content matters. Only the best-written content with target keywords, relevant internal and external links, images, proper formatting, and easy-to-read wording stand a chance at topping Google’s search results. Make sure your content fulfills these requirements.
  • Backlinks are important. These ensure search engines like Google that your blog contains authentic and useful information. There are a few ways to get links, such as guest posting, getting linked to high PR (page rank) websites, and through outreach.

This strategy works as a sales funnel. Use it to create awareness and interest in new customers. How well you implement the plan determines the course of decision and action by the potential customer. It’s a time-consuming process but a one-time big effort.

Key Takeaways And Conclusion

Running a Saas business is not easy. But if you’ve already stepped into the game, you’ve gone through the basic struggle stages and have a client base. The best way to increase your clientele is to cleverly use the above-stated online resources.

Keep your focus on moving the client through the sales funnel, get personal by hosting a webinar, and ultimately close the lead. Once you acquire a few successful leads, it means you’ve properly implemented the plan, and it will lead to more business.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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