Excelsior College ‘Excels’ In Preparing Its Graduates For Today’s Job Market

These days, just earning a degree is no longer enough. Sure, a degree may give you the opportunity to find a job that is right for you, however, there is another important goal to keep in mind. In this fast-paced, technology-oriented world, many people are being forced to make mid-career moves, which often means attending college while continuing to hold down their existing day jobs. Additionally, student loan debt, which can be financially crippling, is causing many adults to look at alternative ways to obtain a degree rather than going to a regular four-year institution.

Both of these situations and others lend themselves perfectly to distance learning and earning a degree from an online educational institution. Research conducted over a 10-year period found that in 2003, 52 percent of the college educators surveyed believed the learning outcomes of online coursework was equal to or better than classroom work.

Ten years later, that percentage was up to 77 percent. Such a trend would suggest that today, the percentage would be even higher. Also, in that same survey, 70 percent of the educators reported that online learning was part of their long-term strategy.

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Getting a degree is just the start. The degree must come from a college that prepares you for your new job and career, and does not see grades and earning the degree as the ultimate goal. Excelsior College prides itself in being the type of school that prepares it students for meaningful jobs at the job at the end of the degree process, which is essentially the real objective in doing the hard work.

Offering over 30 degrees ranging from liberal arts to technology to business, Excelsior College offers a competitively-priced alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar schools. An online college offers the flexibility and independence to work at a pace that is most conducive to learning for that person. Degree work can begin at anytime with the option of independent study, but courses start six times a year and last either 8 or 15 weeks. This gives students more control over the speed of their studies, which ultimately controls how quickly a degree can be earned.

Excelsior College is nonprofit and accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It received the 2019 “Best for Vets Colleges” Award by the Military Times and ranked in the “Top 1 percent” of schools for Non-Traditional Students by College Factual. There are many distinguished alumni from Excelsior College including, noted authors, military intelligence officers, celebrities, congressmen, and even an NFL coach.

There are a few things that set Excelsior apart from other online schools. Its emphasis on job preparation and placement, rather than the simple act of obtaining a degree and the six areas of studies, which include business, health sciences, liberal arts, nursing, public service, and technology, are all geared toward today’s job market.

A degree with no job openings is of no benefit, therefore, some of the more leading-edge degrees include criminal justice, cybersecurity, IT, military leadership and homeland security. Excelsior College offers associate’s degrees in all fields, and bachelors and masters degree in most of the others.The college will allow a student to transfer up to 117 credits toward a bachelor’s and 24 credits toward a master’s degree, and will also give credit for military experience and professional certifications. This is unique among online colleges.

If you’re contemplating the decision to begin college for the first time or to go back to college to change careers, attending an online college could be the right choice. If that is the case, Excelsior College provides a cost-effective, flexible option that offers a wide range of courses and degrees. The schedule flexibility and coursework that is designed toward job attainment — not just degree completion — is their most significant differentiator.

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