Learn How To Get Exhibition Stands In Dubai That Will Benefit You

We understand that exhibiting overseas can be an intense task, particularly in the cities of Middle East, for example, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You have to understand exhibiting aesthetics as well as norms of the nation you’re exhibiting in. Therefore hiring the perfect contractor is important to make sure that your particular exhibition stands in Dubai are fashioned and crafted according to the city and country standards.

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Try To Use A Nearby Exhibition Stand Company Or Simply Hire Your Stand Builder

Not to mention, Dubai is definitely a thriving sector for exhibition as well as you have a number of choice of stand designers and contractors to select from. You possibly get a local company or even have a “stand builder” from your own company flown in design and supervise the performance of your individual stand.

In the first scenario, you’ll never be certain of the standard of your own exhibition stands in Dubai until the last moments, since you have not worked with local builder for exhibition stand previously, and the last option will be very costly, because you need to pay money for the accommodation and travel costs of your team for building the stand.

Choose A Modular Stand For Exhibition

A clever decision is to choose a modular or portable “exhibition-stand” in Dubai. This offers you the benefit of designing as well as developing the exhibition stands locally, and even you can have a “pre-built” preview of the stand, to ensure that you know precisely how your own exhibition stands will look prior to the show. On the other hand, you can ship your exhibition stands to Dubai. Therefore there are 2 options.

You can go for DIY stand, where the “stand” is usually sent to you and then you have to assemble this yourself at your venue. There are much high quality effectively designed DIY exhibition stands available that will help you to set up and also build your modular or portable exhibition stands on your own. There are stand building professionals who will certainly train your crew to get this done effortlessly and easily.

Neventum Is Here For Your Particular Exhibition Stands In Dubai

We will get the exhibition stands in Dubai designed by our regional associates Neventum Service. All that you should do is simply to book the space in the event in Dubai, and then we will help you design and build the exhibition stands in Dubai. On the other hand, the design and quality of modular systems utilized by our service are exactly similar as utilized by other top services.

Advice On Installation Of The Exhibition Stands In Dubai

Throughout the setup and dismantling procedure the “air conditioning” in “exhibition hall” is typically turned off, however, Dubai is actually an extremely warm place; therefore do not forget to dress appropriately.

Quick Facts You Need To Know About Dubai

1. Language

You should know that Arabic is the state language of Dubai; even so, business is performed in English mostly.

2. Dubai’s Electricity Voltage

220-volts (just like in Europe)

3. Dress Code

Business community at exhibitions and in Dubai is fairly traditional in terms of outfitting. Dark colored office attire is a secure bet. In a few industries less official clothes (polo pants and shirts) is tolerated, however, it is recommended to choose more official attire.

4. Climate

This is sunny mostly in Dubai. Rarely it rains as well as is hot always. The winter season by our own standards are similar to our hot summers and also can be hot extremely. Because of its climate, the business travels to Dubai are very minimal in the summertime.


If you have made up your mind to get exhibition stands in Dubai, then don’t forget to keep all the things in mind mentioned above to get the best experience. Thanks for reading this post. Share your opinions in the comment box below. Enjoy your time!

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