Exness Bonus Promotion – A 10% Net Deposit

Exness is a foreign exchange company founded in 2008 in New Zealand. It has become a famous broker company with a great reputation in the forex market, with a monthly trading volume of $120 billion, from clients worldwide. That is because they have kept their clients happy with their flexible and secured platform. This company is authorized by well-known organizations, which makes it more credible and trustworthy. They also offer bonuses to reward their customers. The most prominent bonus by Exness is the deposit promotion fund.

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Exness Bonus Promotion

Exness bonus offers an extra of 10% to the net deposited fund. This bonus is called a sign-up bonus which is granted as soon as someone registers a new account. Net deposits refer to the difference between total deposits and total withdrawals for a specific depositing method, for instance, bitcoin or credit cards. The standard Exness account itself does the calculation of the bonus. This bonus depends upon the amount you deposit in your account; an extra 10% to the net deposited amount is rewarded.

All new clients can avail this chance to gain some extra profit. It’s important to note that this bonus money can’t be withdrawn. But this will only add to your trading fund, and you can benefit from it that way only. In addition to this, the Exness bonus may not be available in some areas due to regulations of jurisdictions. Thus they are not eligible for this bonus.

Process Of Availing Exness Bonus

Follow the following steps to avail yourself an opportunity of increasing your deposit fund by 10 percent with Exness:

Firstly, Register A New Account

Go to the official website of Exness to make a new account. Provide all the required information and data. This information must be accurate. Otherwise, the company will not verify your account.

Submit A Deposit Fund

After the account registration, you have to submit any deposit amount. This amount will determine the bonus fund you are going to receive as a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus will be 10% of your initial deposit fund.

Request A Bonus

Request the company for a welcome bonus as a new customer to be provided with an extra 10 percent added to your deposit money.

Continue Trading

Keep trading money in the foreign exchange market. This will make your bonus get calculated. You can use it for further trades from then onwards.

Your request for a bonus will be accepted if you fulfill the required criteria of your respective client. This bonus can also terminate at any time by Exness without informing beforehand.

Referral Bonus

It’s the rewards granted to an employee who helps the business by bringing in new candidates. This helps expand the business. Exness doesn’t provide any referral bonus to its customers currently. These types of bonuses usually require strict guidelines and regulations. Usually, a promotions program is run by Exness only for a specific time. In the months where the brokers see a decrease in activity, they offer these bonuses. These promotions can be found in the client’s area on the website labeled as ‘bonuses.’

Exness doesn’t offer this bonus usually because its trading volume is already high. They don’t need to invest in attracting people.

Premium Program Of Bonuses And Rewards

Exness company offers its regular customers a premium program. It is specifically designed to reward those traders who trade in high volumes. These customers are granted an exclusive range of privileges.

Traders keep unlocking these rewards as they continue trading. These traders are classified. Classification of this program is given below:


This is the basic level of tiers. Here the rewards initiate to disclose for the trader. These benefits include special promotions, support, and expert analysis.


This one constitutes all the preferred benefits plus more bonuses. The extra ones are an account manager, personalized and customized support.


This is the top-level with the highest benefits. It does have the benefits of the first two tiers. In addition to that, this group also receives the most exclusive trading conditions, top-class networking chances, access to the C-suite executives.

Other Exness Bonuses

Currently, brokers offer a variety of rewards and bonuses:

 Lot Back Exness Bonus

Exness brokers continue to introduce rewards for a particular traded volume. For a specific lot size, a trader receives a specified amount of money.


Some brokers reward their clients in the form of cash. This money can only be withdrawn within a specified due date. After that date, the reward cancels by itself from the trader’s balance.

Rewards In Grams Of Gold

This type of reward depends upon the deposit of money in an account. The formula to find out the reward is:

(sum of deposited funds- total number of withdrawn funds/1,000) X number of grams of gold.

Conditions To Avail Bonuses

Whenever a broker offers some bonus, a detailed description of all the conditions and requirements is mentioned with it necessarily. A few of these conditions are:

  • Traders should register or maintain a particular kind of account. For instance, a standard or a mini account.
  • The bonus is valid only until a specific time. After that, the bonus expires.
  • Bonuses don’t apply to demo accounts. They only apply to real account holders.
  • The trader must be located in a country where the promotions are available.
  • Most of the rewards and bonuses can’t be cashed, can only be traded forward.


Exness is a transparent and reliable broker. They share all the necessary information on their website, including the number of active clients, deposit money, company’s trading volume, trading fund, etc. Since the company is regulated by strict organizations such as CySEC and FCA, its quality and credibility are guaranteed.

This platform provides a 10% deposit bonus which is a measure of the net deposit. Occasionally other rewards are also awarded by brokers. These rewards aim to improve customer satisfaction, attract new clients, achieve a certain trading volume, profile design, etc.

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