Can Financial Coaching Improve Your Money Situation?

Money isn’t everything, but it’s always going to be important. Whether you’re living comfortably or struggling with debt, your relationship with money can define so much about your life. For too many people, their finances are what’s holding them back, when money should be the tool you use to build the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

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Financial coaching services come in many shapes and forms. Depending on your situation, you might need:

  • Debt counseling,
  • Help with budgeting and savings,
  • Building credit,
  • Or figuring out how to invest and grow wealth.

Help Getting Out Of Debt

When you’re struggling with debt, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. While you’re focused on bills piling up and credit card balances that won’t go down, you can’t create a smart strategy for getting out. That’s where financial debt counselling comes in.

A certified Credit Counsellor from a non-profit credit counseling agency can assess your finances and help you come up with a plan to pay it all back. They can go beyond just your budget, too, and negotiate reduced or zero interest rates with your creditors. That can give you some much-needed breathing room to make headway.

Dealing with credit card debt is one of the toughest financial goals, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can save a lot of money and speed up the process by negotiating lower interest rates.

Optimizing Your Budget

Financial problems can happen for a variety of reasons, and personal spending habits are rarely the cause of deep problems on their own.

However, your budget is at the heart of your financial health and the key to building savings, financial security, and reducing your debt. Optimizing your budget means:

  • Trimming your ongoing expenses as best you can, such as by canceling extra subscription services you don’t use, adjusting your cellphone plan, or cutting down on driving and gas costs;
  • Taking the time to find the best price for everything you need, and even consider negotiating lower prices with your phone and internet companies;
  • Thinking more about how you spend your money and focusing your spending on things that really improve your well-being.

Controlling Debt

Using debt is the only way to build a credit history, which you’ll need when you apply for a mortgage, a car loan, or even an apartment. However, there are a lot of myths about building a good credit rating.

A great example is the idea that you need to carry a balance on your credit score to get a better score. This is one of the most misunderstood ideas in personal finance. Put simply: it is not true. The best way to build a better credit score is to use your credit card and pay it in full each month.

Someone like a financial coach or a certified Credit Counsellor can help clear up any myths and other misconceptions about money.

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