The Five Biggest Changes In Marketing Over The Past Decade

Marketing is the everchanging division in any business and those in marketing know that they must always be a few steps ahead of the next trend.

1. Digital Marketing Takes The World By Storm

Marketing departments know better than anyone else that you have to grab the attention of the consumer, and most people spend more time on a mobile electronic device than anything else.

Digital marketing took the business world by storm in the mid-2000s, and it hasn’t slowed down since. We mark this as the greatest change in the last 10 years of marketing as it’s inspired early every other item on this list.

Ten years ago, marketing departments in Fortune 500 businesses would not have considered employing top SEO consultants to cultivate engagement or improve traffic. Today SEO, traffic, and engagement are top priorities.

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2. Online Reputation Management

Marketing wasn’t always so connected to Public Relations departments even in the most interdependent companies. But, marketing is now at the forefront of battle with PR teams when it comes to reputation management.

Engagement has slowly become marketing territory over the years, and recently companies have taken to Instagram and Twitter to resolve customer complaints and even some outrageous allegations. Unlike PR who usually puts out the big fires, marketing representatives can address issues quickly with creative responses driven by company data.

3. Marketing Becomes A Bigger Picture

Decades ago there were unspoken elements of marketing. When a company claimed a stake in something specific, a competitor let them have whatever it was and moved on. Case in point, Coca-Cola is the drink that celebrates Christmas and Pepsi keeps summers cool.

While marketing has become less aggressive, and more tactile, it’s also become a more hostile environment between competitors. The public is getting a break here, but we’re seeing constant “battles” between major companies such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

4. Engagement Is More Romantic Than Ever Before

A marketer’s dream came true when suddenly you could invite consumer into your store (digitally) and make your brand a tangible aspect of the company. Suddenly, customers could promote your brand for you and give it a voice.

Celebrity endorsements, YouTube stars, and Instagram models are now reaching more of a captive audience than ever before. But, these people are acting as a voice that directs customers back to your brand. A marketing rep can now, like, comment and choose to follow ordinary people.

5. Content Becomes Visual

Most people in marketing have heard the phrase “Content is King.” There is both truth and fiction to this statement. Content is undoubtedly the best way to build a long-lasting presence for your brand and obtain proper exposure. But, other forms of content have taken priority in recent years.

Ten years ago, if people were worried about content is was on either their website, email newsletters or brochures of some form. But, content now is all about sharing easy to digest data. From videos explaining why a product or service is better than the competition to infographics highlighting relevant facts about customers, visual information is becoming more valuable than written content.

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