Follow Your Dreams & Find A Job You Love [Comic]

We always hear people say “follow your dreams” and “find a job you love.” Apparently that is easier said than done since the majority of people in the United States don’t like their jobs. Sometimes following your dreams isn’t easy. The first step is finding what you love to do in the first place, and even that can be tough for some people. If you are in that predicament and you don’t know what you love to do, my advice is to try a lot of different things.

At the risk of sounding like one big clich√©, that could be where the saying “keep an open mind” came from. If you keep an open mind and go out of your way to try all different kinds of things, you will surely stumble over one that you love. Once you find it, you can focus on that and follow your dreams.

For me, it’s writing and all the things that go along with it (SEO, editing, etc.). Yesterday I wrote and published 12 of my own articles here on Bit Rebels, and it didn’t feel old when I finished. The only time I get tired of writing is when I’m physically tired, but the activity itself never gets old. I’m happiest when I’m writing. What do you love doing? Do you follow your dreams?

This is the most adorable comic I’ve seen all week. It’s called The Nature of Ambition, and it was created by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics. It may look simple, but it’s thought provoking at the same time. When you finally find what you love doing though, that is not the end. It’s quite the opposite really. It turns out, that is only the beginning, as this comic gently points out.

Just remember, no matter what obstacles you may encounter, no matter what you have to go through along the way, and even if you lose it all…you’ll still have the thing you loved in the first place. That will never go away, so in a sense, you have nothing to lose. Don’t let anyone stop you. Follow your dreams!

Follow Your Dreams & Find A Job You Love

Just know – That is only the beginning



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