Gozaik: Most Sophisticated & Effective Way To Find A Job Using Twitter

Statistics show that the average person will change jobs 7 times in his or her lifetime. Many people keep an eye on new jobs even before they actually need one. Traditional job boards are dying in today’s world of social media, and job announcements are becoming more social. If you are looking for a job, or if you ever think you’ll need a new job in the future, I recommend you check out Gozaik. It’s a new way to find a job, and it utilizes Twitter with an advanced technology.

There are many people who immediately think of LinkedIn when it comes to social job hunting. Although it’s true that every person who is serious about his or her career should have a professional social profile, LinkedIn isn’t always a fit. It takes time to build a solid LinkedIn profile, and many young professionals don’t even have one. The good jobs shouldn’t be limited to only those people with a LinkedIn profile, and that’s where Gozaik can help.

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, Gozaik will complement it. You can even import your profile information from LinkedIn into Gozaik. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you can update your old-style resume with Gozaik’s digital, multimedia resume.

The reason Gozaik is an effective way to find a job isn’t because of their mosaic-style multimedia resume though. The reason it’s such a sophisticated tool is because of the technology behind it, which is a high tech way to find a job on Twitter. Gozaik’s job search technology uses complex job analytics algorithms to aggregate the jobs on Twitter.

This technology basically watches all the tweets on Twitter each day to determine which ones are real job openings. It goes beneath the tweet and looks at the URL to determine the validity of the job. Once you set up your free Gozaik resume, you’ll have access to this technology, and you’ll be able to use Gozaik like Google search, only for jobs on Twitter.


According to the WSJ, co-founder Joe Budzienski said, “Twitter is taking the job market by storm and Gozaik is tapping in to the immense amount of data while providing a structured universe on our platform for job seekers and employed professionals.”

I spoke to Joe on the phone this week, and we discussed the trending jobs and the intelligence around them. He told me that Gozaik now has tens of thousands of jobs available, and they are adding new jobs and companies every day. They experienced a 58% increase in user growth in one week, which is incredible by anyone’s standards. It is hard to believe that the company just launched in March. They have made a huge impact in a very short period of time.

Joe said, “Employers are using Twitter as a way to publicly and socially announce their jobs to talent that might be interested in their opportunities. This happens in the U.S. alone about 50,000 times per day. Until Gozaik arrived, employers and talent were just throwing announcements against the wall to see what would stick. Today, Gozaik sits in the middle of the noise, and rises above all of it to ensure a valuable job experience for both the talent and the business.”

The types of people who typically gravitate to Gozaik as a way to find a job are creatives, and we know our audience is full of creative people. We want to encourage you to check out Gozaik and set up your free account. You can read more about this new way to find a job on Twitter by reading How To Create A Twitter Resume & Apply For A Job On Twitter. You can also find tons of resume tips and tricks on the Gozaik Blog. To give it a try, click over to Gozaik.

Gozaik – The Most Effective Way To Find A Job On Twitter


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