Are Freelance Essay Writers Reliable?

When we need help, we want to get it from a person or company that provides its services legitimately and keeps its promises. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do. Even leaving frauds aside, there are many other challenges awaiting customers when they are looking for reliable help. One of them is choosing between an independent service provider and a company.

Talking about academic writing assistance, a customer should make a choice between a freelance essay writer they found on Reddit or Upwork, and an essay writing company. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Both are presented on the market and available on request. Both claim they can give you what you need. How to decide? We believe our little investigation will help you to pick the right option for you.

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There are several aspects you have to pay attention to. They are:

  1. Reputation
  2. Availability
  3. Legitimacy
  4. Price
  5. Quality
  6. Safety


When it comes to finding good essay writing assistance, reputation means a lot. Earning a good reputation takes a lot of time and tons of outstanding examples of essay assistance delivered to customers promptly. It proves the help you’ll get is professional.

To understand whether the essay writing service is worthy, you can go to reliable review platforms and read the reviews customers leave. As a rule, essay writing companies’ clients willingly leave feedback so it is not a problem to check if the company satisfies its customers.

When you are ordering from a freelance essay writer, it is harder to check the reputation. Though everyone tries to do their best developing their accounts and improving online presence there is no real way to make sure the writer is diligent and talented.


Often, this aspect is crucial for students and other clients of essay writing services. Mostly, help is needed right now.

Here, freelance essay writers can be more flexible and client-oriented as they have only one client at a time and if there is nothing that interrupts them they can accept urgent orders easily. However, if a freelance writer is busy right now or has some personal issues, there is no chance your paper will be delivered on time.

Essay writing company, on the contrary, manages many clients simultaneously but also has many available writers to take your order in work. Also, essay writing companies work on a round-o-clock basis, cooperate with writers all over the world, and usually have a professional customer support team. It allows them to faster react to customers’ requests and solve their academic writing problems routinely.


A private entrepreneur doesn’t differ from an essay writing service that operates as a limited liability company, for example. This way, you can trust a freelance essay writer as much as an essay writing company. Yet, there is one thing to mention.

Very few freelance writers provide their services as private entrepreneurs. Commonly, they offer customers their service as a private person and don’t have any official documents or agreements. In this case, you choose to take a random person’s word for it.

On the other hand, essay writing services will not take your order without having to accept the Terms & Conditions agreement. There, the duties of both parties are stated in written form and all the misunderstandings are offered the ways to solve them. Still, as noted by not all academic writing companies are legit, so you have to choose wisely. A company can claim that it is completely reliable, but in reality it’s not. Reading reviews is an absolute must if you’re hiring somebody online to write an essay for you.


This is the stage where many customers choose freelance writers over essay writing services. It is a well-known fact that freelancer service costs less. They don’t need to pay for the office, to pay customer support representatives, to organize meetings, and maintain marketing campaigns. They are the boss to themselves. And it is great. For those who don’t care much about the quality of their paper and just need to stay afloat, it is a great option.

Yet, you have to remember that a higher price isn’t a whim. It is a  reasonable sum of money that an essay writing service asks for considering their guarantees and efforts they put into delivering exceptional pieces of academic writing. Moreover, unlike freelance writers,  essay writing services offer discounts regularly.


Perhaps, it is the hardest thing to evaluate. First, we have different expectations. Second, customers need help with different kinds of academic papers which require different levels of writer’s expertise and depth of knowledge. All these factors make quality evaluation almost impossible. And there is only one thing that can help to check if the service is of high quality. It is your own potential customer experience, your personal preferences and feelings.

To understand what would suit you better, consider the following moments:

  • Essay writing service can lack a personal approach and deliver more general piece than passionate and experienced in a specific field freelance writer;
  • Freelance writer can put less effort into your paper as one client can’t make a difference;
  • Essay writing service has an editing service that guarantees your paper will have no mistakes;
  • Freelance writer has limited vision as he works alone;
  • Essay writing service has Quality Assurance departments that work to make sure the paper is written from scratch and free of plagiarism.


When it comes to safety, essay writing service wins. Sure, freelance writers could be as serious and professional as essay writing companies. Obviously, there are many writers who work tirelessly and try to satisfy each client.

However, only a few of them can guarantee you a full refund in case you won’t like the paper or free revisions, or an absolutely safe payment method. Those are the advantages of cooperation with a registered company. Here, you can be sure your anonymity is a top priority and no one will ever know you’ll make use of such a service.

A freelance writer can promise you all that, but sometimes those promises can’t be kept against the writer’s will. If your communication is going on some social media platform or via popular messenger, the data could easily leak. Unfortunately, this is what the Internet looks like.

To Conclude

Each client has to find the answer to the question in the title by themselves as it depends on many factors. Sure, there are reliable freelance essay writers who deliver superb academic papers and don’t cost much. And sure, someone prefers such kind of business cooperation, face to face. It is more open and friendly. There are many advantages, but no guarantees at all.

Essay writing service is a huge machine compared to freelance writers and can be more difficult to navigate. It could be more expensive, too. Yet, it protects you, provides you with real guarantees, and puts your preferences first.

We can’t recommend what to choose. But we can do our best to help you make an informed decision you won’t regret.

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