Why Japan Has The Best Customer Service In The World [Video]

The company that offers the best customer service is usually the most successful one. Even though it might not have been that way in the past, social media has made that unavoidable. When companies or brands don’t stay on top of their customer service, that’s usually when customers start to abandon ship and look for a better experience. It shouldn’t take much effort to respond to your customers, especially not now that we have social media at our disposal.

Customer service is different around the world. There has been extensive research done in this field, and one of the best customer service experiences can actually be found in Japan. It’s not too surprising considering their entire culture revolves around kindness. So how do you measure the best customer service anyway? It’s not too hard actually. By conducting random queries to the customers themselves, it’s quite easy to get a picture of just how good or bad one’s customer service really is. It’s something that I think more companies and brands should do. It’s as simple as asking your customers how they describe your customer service and then compiling the answers into a statistical overview.

Japan has a very distinct and healthy approach to customer service. It’s not hard to understand why they offer the best customer service in the world when you see videos like the one I am writing about today. To me, customer service is intriguing since there are so many possibilities today. You no longer have to have a room filled with people who continuously answer the phone. Instead, you can use the Internet to accomplish the same tasks. Suddenly offering the best customer support doesn’t have to be a money draining process.

Have a look at his video and marvel over the awesomeness that the best customer service can offer. I am not going to spoil the awesomeness of this video, so just keep watching. If more companies decided to put all their creativity into their customer service experience, I think we would have a whole lot more satisfied customers in the world. Not to mention, a whole different profitability for companies. As they say, a happy customer is a profitable customer. Now, tell me this isn’t the best customer service in the world. Wait for it…

World’s Best Customer Service Can Be Found In Japan



Via: [LiveLeak]