Futuristic Software Trends Shaping How Companies Do Business Today

Imagine the logistics of running a business in the 70s, 80s or 90s for a moment. Imagine a time when there was little business operation automation, no cloud, and everything had to be backed-up on clunky hardware devices. Now imagine that that business was a large organization, such as a franchise or business with employees in multiple locations. Needless to say, effectively running a large business in years past, prior to the leaps in software and technology, was laden with operational hurdles and inefficiencies.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier now than ever to run a national and international business. The most complex processes have been digitized and automated, drastically simplifying and streamlining the day-to-day workflow of employees. Below are three examples of technological solutions that make effectively running a business a seamless operation!

Centralized Software Solutions

For businesses, DAM or Digital Asset Management is one of the best software innovations to hit the market in many years. [pullquote]Simply put, DAM organizes digital files and makes them easy to share with employees, peers, clients, contractors, and more.[/pullquote] Best of all? Digital Asset Management systems are designed to improve every area of business as it empowers the entire workforce. Leading Digital Asset Management systems, like MarcomCentral for example, enable businesses to customize marketing assets, preserve the brand integrity, ensure continuity between departments, locations and franchises, and more.

Expect this software to only improve as time goes on. CMS Wire predicts that analytics integration, which is already in DAM’s capabilities, will be vastly improved in the near-future. “This tracking will include not only high-level performance indicators and KPIs, but also impressions, clicks, and conversions.” These analytical insights will help businesses further optimize and identify which types of content perform best for their organization.

Inside Sales Tools

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a type of software that helps you increase leads, organize your customers, increase customer loyalty, and potentially close deals faster. CRMs, if properly utilized, have the power to reduce job stress and result in higher overall customer satisfaction. CRMs can even be merged with social collaboration tools to create an inside sales tool that improves business agility and drives sales.

The future of inside sales tools is limited only by the imagination of software designers, sales people, engineers, and web developers. There is a great deal of potential here, including total lead generation automation.

Simplified Projections And Touch-Interaction

The emergence and proliferation of wearables have now made it possible for individuals to project and present anything at any time, no HDMI cables needed. Business Insider reports this should “help facilitate more impromptu meetings and collaboration, and allow a busy entrepreneur to travel lightly while making presentations and pitches in different locations.” A handful of this forward thinking tech is currently on the market and we can expect more to be available in the coming months.

Touch-interaction is getting a face-lift too. Smart desks and smart mirrors have become even smarter and include surfaces that are entirely virtual and touch-reactive. These advances further your workforce’s productivity, maximizes their total output and boost the overall customer experience. It should be noted that before any new tech is adopted or implemented, especially tech that will affect your physical sales floors, it must be properly tested and vetted for quality. New tech isn’t without its issues. Use A/B tests to keep your business high functioning and delivering quality customers.

Overall, technological advancements and software innovations are enabling businesses to run smoother than ever. From internal day-to-day operations to lead generation and ongoing customer satisfaction, technology is and will continue to drive businesses forward.

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