How Geotrust Brand Is Affected By New Ownership

Geotrust has been one of the largest digital certificate providers all over the world since 2001. Now, it has over 100,000 users in more than 150 countries. Business owners trust Geotrust to secure all their online transactions and conduct their online business. In 2017, Geotrust was sold to new owners who later on merged it with DigiCert. And since then, Geotrust started issuing all its certificates under, The Trusted Root TLS Certificate, DigiCert.

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Was Geotrust Affected By The New Ownership?

With all the changes happening in the last couple of years for Geotrust, many people wonder whether it had affected the company or not. Yes, the changes in ownership had a positive effect on Geotrust. The new Trusted Root allows clients to ensure that their customers will not receive any security warnings. Now, Geotrust is one of the top choices when choosing SSL certificate and there’s a lot of SSL certificates for small businesses and large ones.

What Does Geotrust Offer Now?

Geotrust now offers a range of affordable SSL certificates that can match anyone’s budget. The digital certificate will provide your website with an https:// URL that’s secure and has the security logo that will appear automatically next to the address bar. This logo will ensure anyone who visits your website that it’s secured and the site is trusted.

When purchasing an SSL certificate, you will be provided a Geotrust SSL seal that can be displayed on your site that shows your customers that your website is verified by a trusted 3rd party. Each certificate you purchase will allow you to have unlimited server licenses and free support from SSL experts. You can know more about the prices of domains and get the lowest prices for Geotrust SSL certificates at, and you can also learn all about its history.

Here, they clarify how “GeoTrust has been issuing all Certificates under their new Trusted Root TLS Certificate from DigiCert.” since the beginning of December in 2017.  You can also find Geotrust QuickSSL premium, Geotrust true BusinessID, and more with the lowest price guarantee. If you had any issues installing your new SSL, you could contact the customer support, and they will let you talk with an expert to help you with the installation. You can reach the support team through live chat, email or phone.

More About Geotrust

  • Geotrust issues a 256-bit encryption SSL certificate, which means that your site will be protected from cyber criminals and hackers.
  • A full refund policy that allows you to get your money back within 30 days if you find the certificate not working.
  • Low prices compared to the market.
  • SSL certificates are issued within hours, or if the level of authentication is high it can take up to three days

Geotrust New Ownership

Since December 2017, Geotrust has been rising, and people have more trust in its SSL certificates more than ever. With all the perks Geotrust is providing everyone trusts it. If you found out that the SSL certificate is not working after you purchased it, you can simply return it and get a full refund. For the last year, Geotrust has been one of the top choices for many business owners. If you’re looking for a trusted SSL certificate provider with reasonable prices, then Geotrust is your best option.

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