Google vs. Facebook Internships: Perks & Pay Comparison [Infographic]

When I think of internships, I think of people trying to gather valuable experience from a company they want to learn from. Usually interns get paid a very small amount of money, but in exchange, they get to work hands on in whatever field they want experience in. That’s not how it works at Google or Facebook. Google and Facebook internships come with good pay, company perks and other benefits. I suppose that’s how it goes when you’re dealing with that level of talent.

How much Google pays their interns has been in the news a lot lately. I think many people were surprised by these numbers since this topic has been written about so much. The thing is, Google gets about 40,000 internship applications each year, but they only hire 1,500 of those people. And then there are Facebook internships, which are also coveted positions.

This infographic is called Landing The Best Of The Best: Google vs. Facebook Internships, and it’s by The Internet Marketplace. It compares Google internships to Facebook internships, including all the perks that go along with each one. With both of them, you’d get free meals and devices. Facebook internships even come with $1,000 to put towards housing and $4,000 to put towards baby stuff if you are expecting a child.

In my opinion, both of these companies spoil their employees, which is how it should be. After all, I’m sure they are expected to work long hours, be crazy innovative, and maintain their creative thinking. In addition to that, I’m sure they have to be super talented in whatever task they’re hired to do. If you could choose, which internship would you take? Would you want to work for Google or Facebook? I’d choose Google, but that’s just me.

Google vs. Facebook Internships

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Via: [Young Upstarts]