Social Recruiting: How To Find Tomorrow’s Top Talent Now [Infographic]

We all know that social media plays a huge role in recruiting these days. In old television shows and other dated media, we often see people job hunting by circling ads they find in a newspaper. Things have certainly changed a lot just over the past few decades. In order to keep up in our technology filled world of social recruiting, companies have to stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to find top talent. These are five ways to source tomorrow’s talent today.

This infographic called Catching The Big Fish (by Jobvite) lists the must-have strategies, which are currently dictating the future of sourcing and social recruiting. Nowadays, both talented candidates and the companies who want them are both thinking ahead. What I mean is that passive candidates often times keep an eye on the positions available and monitor the companies they are interested in as an everyday activity. It’s not something people do anymore only when they need or want a new job.

Progressive companies are the same way. They are constantly keeping their eyes open for top talent and looking for the next bright star even before they have a position available. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to social recruiting is that it’s foolish to only tap into LinkedIn. There are recruiting opportunities on almost all social networks. I found this slideshare entitled How To Use Google+ & Pinterest For Recruiting. Have you ever thought about using Pinterest as a recruiting source? As you’ll see in that slideshare, it’s definitely an option.

As this infographic points out, the only reason the people you want aren’t looking for jobs right now is because their skills are in high demand. In other words, it’s important to be proactive and selective. The information in this infographic will hopefully be helpful for you as you start looking at possible candidates from this new perspective.

Social Recruiting – Find Tomorrow’s Top Talent Today

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Via: [Social Meep] Header Image Credit: [Sirona Consulting]