Great Tips On How To Use Tumblr For Social Media Marketing

Tumblr is one of the best platforms to promote your business. It has a massive following and also offers several features for any type of company. Unfortunately, not all companies take advantage of this platform. According to statistics, only 31 out of 100 businesses promote on Tumblr.

One reason is that most companies don’t know how to promote the website. Another reason is that users do not fit the business’s ideal customer. That’s understandable. Tumblr users are often people below 35.

Anyway, irrespective of your brand, this article will provide you with tips on how to market with Tumblr.

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Create Relevant Content

The platform lets you upload a wide range of content types. You can use photos, videos, or texts to deliver your message effectively. But above all else, you need stunning visuals to capture the user’s attention.

An excellent way to have several users interact with your profile is through videos. You can use the live video feature on YouTube and integrate it with your Tumblr.

Another way to have users interact with your profile is through memes. Develop entertaining content and relate it to the services that your brand offers.

The Tumblr algorithm might not promote your posts effectively but you can buy followers and raise your profile’s ranking. This quick tweak lets grow your account very rapidly.

Target Market

Despite the platform’s advantages, it is not for everyone. Most of its users are aged 35, which might not be your target. However, this category matches with your audience, ensure to create entertaining content. It doesn’t have to be funny throughout. A little dose of humor is enough to keep them engaged.

Note, posts that overemphasize on a brand will not rank well. In other words, over-promoting without single humor will get you nowhere on the site. Humor is the key!

Promote With Ads

Promoting your business with some humorous content is free. However, you can triple your followers with the platform’s ads. This feature is handy if you wish to achieve a milestone quickly. Tell your marketing team to create an engaging post with the right message. Proceed to sponsor this post and raise your brand’s status on Tumblr.

Don’t forget to use sponsored video posts. They provide you with analytics on view and engagement. This insight will let you see into the mind of your viewers and how they think.

Make Engagement A Priority

Engagement is necessary on Tumblr. It is the reason why users visit the platform often. For that reason, interact with your audience by reblogging or commenting on their posts. They will immediately return the favor, thereby raising your brand’s recognition.

Have some posts on your page before you begin interacting with your audience; this will give them something to comment on or like back. In other words, the original post content that represents your brand. After that, interact with your audience by commenting on their posts. Ensure the posts are relevant to your site before.

Use A Corporate Theme

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr permits customized modifications. This means that you can hire a web designer to make your look outstanding. The best theme to use for your profile is a “Corporate Theme.” This unique customization also helps you create brand awareness.

Therefore, customize your brand onto your profile. This will drill your brand’s name into the mind of the viewer. Ensure you use your logo consistently, so visitors realize that it’s a business page.

Provide Value

Besides looking at memes and humorous content, Tumblr users promote their craft on the site. Once you’ve gotten some following, offer your followers some valuable content. Give them something they cannot resist.

Some businesses prefer to share giveaways with their followers. Other companies prefer to recognize the user’s craft – writing or art publicly.

Provide Detailed Information About Your Business

Create an “About Us” page containing detailed information on your brand. It should also include a link to your official website and social media pages. Providing information about your business lets visitors make a quick buying decision. The content should include visual content that summarizes your services.

Do not repost the same content from your other pages on Twitter and Facebook. These won’t do you any good. Instead, copy-paste the content onto your profile for more engagement.

Use Tags Often

This platform has a unique tagging system similar to Facebook and Twitter. This feature categorizes posted and makes them easier to find. When posting content, include a tag to make more discoverable. You can get the relevant tags by searching your brand or related business.

Tags are essential because they help users find content quickly. So take advantage of this benefit to boost your marketing efforts.

Attach Links

Connect your followers to your website and other pages via links. These links provide them with the resources they need to become paying customers.

These could include:

  • Links to your blog: keep them up-to-date with the latest improvements.
  • Link to your eCommerce website: connecting them to your eCommerce site lets them make a quick buying decision.
  • Link to your other social media pages: follow your audience and bombard them with engaging content on all platforms.

Remember, make the engagement a priority.

Never Plagiarize

Users on Tumblr are passionate about creators receiving credit for their work. If you plagiarize, they will instantly attack your profile and ruin your chance of success. Ensure your posts are genuine.

Indeed, not all of your content will be 100% original. However, if you’re going to upload someone’s works, including the source.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Tumblr is an excellent platform to raise brand awareness for your business. It has enough features and followings to take the business to the next level.

However, before you use the platform, first identify your target audience. It’s not merely another social media website – it is unique. Knowing your audience lets you create content that appeals to them. The more engagement you get, the faster grows of business.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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