Guest Posting As A Way To Earn Profit On Your Business Website

Guest blogging is one of the best SEO and link-building approaches there are. It’s even approved by Google as long as it’s honest cooperation. You can achieve so many goals by simply writing ‘How to’, “What Is’, and ‘X Tips to’ posts.

Add a link to your page there, and you’ve got yourself a nice credible backlink. This helps boost any business website and blog, which eventually leads to revenue. If you haven’t used this approach before, it’s high time. There are several ways you can earn money with/from guest bloggers, and you’ll find the main ones in this guide.

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Write Guest Content That Boost Conversions, Build Links, And Raise Brand Awareness

You can use the approach to get effective backlinks for SEO that will boost conversions. Catch people’s attention with content that is:

  • High-quality
  • Relevant
  • Mentions your brand or website

Choose credible sites (it’s better if they are rated higher than yours) and offer cooperation. Show examples of content on your website, and even after 10 ‘No’s, you’ll get one ‘Yes’ that will trigger the process. In case the audience matches, you’ll get lots of shares, comments, and conversions from active people interested in the product.

You can also take up guest blog posting to build a reputation and raise brand awareness. With great SEO, you’ll communicate to search engines as a high-quality business site. With great writing and structure, you’ll show the audience that you can offer them valuable information.

And after offering the info, you can also provide them with products and services.

In case all this writing, structure, search doesn’t sound like something you would do, this service is definitely going to help. This is a guest posting service with some of the best copywriters and thousands of article-accepting websites on various topics.

Allow Guest Posting On Your Blog

For an additional income, you can allow a controlled number of high-quality posts on your blog. This will secure your cooperation with other websites and make money in several ways:

  • Ad payments – If it’s an advertisement, you can earn quite a lot for a post. Of course, first of all, you should build a reputation for your own blog. But, later on, other brands may ask for a paid ad or an exchange of goods and products.
  • Time-saving guest blog posting – Say, there’s a site similar to yours by topic. Why not cooperate with them? Allow their writer to create a high-quality article for your blog (with a link or a mention of the partnering brand, for example), and post it on the date when you would have to post your own article. You save time, focusing on the core business, thus making more money.

Be sure to control the number and quality of the materials you publish on the blog. People need valuable, interesting, engaging content. Even if it’s an ad or a sponsored review, it can be so catchy that people will actually want to visit the websites mentioned in the post. Plus, if the brand you’re promoting is decent and credible, your ratings are going to rise, which (again) results in more money.

Choosing Websites For Cooperation

When choosing websites and blogs to work with, consider the following criteria:

  • Relevance – Your topics need to be similar if you want to benefit from such a post. Writing about flowers for a blog about construction isn’t the best idea. There won’t be a lot of people who need flower info or delivery while looking for tips on house renovation. But when you find a blog that reviews floral arrangement services or writes about plants, this may be your shot.
  • Rating – Where is the website? Can you see it in the first SERPs for potential target keywords? Check their targets in meta tags if you’re fluent in HTML. If there are none, there are many digital tools that will help you find out more about the website and its placement.
  • Domain Authority – Developed by Moz, Domain Authority shows another kind of rating for a website. We recommend choosing DA40 sites and better to boost backlinks strategy. This is also great for your backlink portfolio, which is one of the main deciding factors in ranking.
  • Quality of content – Of course, if you see lots of weird, non-useful posts on the site, don’t even bother working with them. Usually, people don’t read their ‘guest posting’ part of the blog. You need high-quality, relevant content with an active audience that comments and shares.

If all of this seems too difficult or time-consuming, collaborate with a specialized service. Professional teams will find you the best sites to work with and write content that will catch readers’ eyes.

To Summarize

Guest blogging SEO brings a ton of benefits. All of them lead to profit, eventually. When you raise brand awareness, more people find out about your business. Therefore, you get more traffic and attention to your products and services. If targeting was good, you’re going to get many customers.

When you write advertising the website and your brand, showcasing the best products, and offering bonuses, many people will be interested and may click the conversion link right away, buying from you even faster.

Choose your intent (a tip: it’s better to establish the name in the industry and then promote products), write high-quality posts, cooperate with guest posting services and copywriters when needed, and wait for the best results.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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