Why Blogging Is The Best Marketing Tool You Will Find [Infographic]

As an avid blogger, I’m obviously biased about the power of blogging. Marketing managers often search for the best marketing tool available, and after reading this information below, I found that the magical tool you’re looking for could be a well put together blog. If blogging is done with a purpose and it’s effective, it just might be the best marketing tool out there. The best part is that even though it will suck up some time, it won’t cost you much money.

Well, I take that back. It won’t cost you much money until you start getting a lot of traffic. But at that point, the benefits will be so great you’ll welcome the few extra expenses. It seems like almost everyone has a blog these days, and that’s not the type of blog I’m suggesting you set up for your brand to increase potential revenue. I’m suggesting something different. I’m talking about a blog that you take as seriously as any other marketing tool.

In other words, you’ll make a commitment to blog regularly (at least once a week, but preferably much more), you’ll always blog with your readers in mind and provide them with useful information, and last but not least, you’ll always invite them to connect with you in social media and join your lists. In order to tap into your blog’s potential, you’ve got to take it seriously, which requires daily dedication and commitment to your goals.

If you don’t believe me that blogging could possibly be the best marketing tool, check out this infographic called The Blogconomy (by Ignitespot). It lists some incredible stats that will hopefully inspire you to start blogging for your brand right away! The hardest parts are getting started and creating the daily habit. After you’ve done that, it’s smooooth sailing.

Why Blogging Is The Best Marketing Tool

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Via: [Social Media Today]