How Activists Can Use Bitcoin For Bringing A Social Change?

No matter how developed the entire world is becoming, the social issues are continuing to grow with each year. Since the past decade, several social issues have been brought into the light by none other than the activists. These people are working day and night to make their campaigns successful and bring a change in society. But, every activist campaign or reform needs funding which, unfortunately, isn’t available in abundance.

Be it a campaign to support the local businesses of a financially deprived city or a protest rally against the violence towards black lives, every form of activity regarding social injustice and brutality needs proper money. This funding is used to support the campaign since every participating individual will need food, water, medicines, and other essentials. Moreover, with the funds, various organizations help the poor and the backward sections of the society.

However, it’s practically not possible for the activists to raise funds that will fulfill all their requirements, well not traditionally at least. With the emergence of Bitcoin technology, these people can now gather funds without any restriction and carry on with their social works to remove the injustice as much as possible. Here, in this article, we have discussed the ways in which the activists can benefit from using the bitcoin currencies. For more information visit bitcoin circuit.

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Traditional Money Wouldn’t Be A Constraint Anymore

Let’s say that some activists are arranging for a campaign to promote the local industries in your country. But, according to the new legislative laws, such campaigns won’t have any government support. So, it will be hard for the activists to gain funds via cash, banks, or even through some other payment method. The use of traditional money by activists has been actually restricted in many countries. This is where bitcoin becomes the savior.

This is a digital form of currency that is decentralized. It means that there is no governing body that is managing the entire Blockchain financial ledger. So, an activist can ask for funds via bitcoins. This way, no one has to suffer due to the lack of funds.

Privacy Of Identity Will Provide A New Sense Of Freedom

In several countries, activist campaigns are going on for some social issues which are plaguing generations, like the LGBT issues, slavery of black lives, lack of education for girls, and so on. Now, let’s say that a gay couple wants to provide some donations for the LGBT campaign going on in their city. However, despite their support and eagerness, they won’t be able to follow their heart because donating to such a campaign might put them at risk from police, military forces, and so on.

With normal donation methods, there is no way one can hide his identity. But, with bitcoin, doing anonymous donations is possible! If you are using bitcoin technology to fund the campaign, no one will be able to trace back and identify you. This has given the activists and their supporters a huge sense of freedom all across the world.

International Campaign Funding Is Now Possible

There are many campaigns that are going on in Iran, Libya, Syria, and other gulf countries where people are constantly at war. But you can’t donate money to those campaigns while being within the American borders. Similarly, if you are a citizen of any of the third world countries and yet want to support the employment campaigns going on in the USA, you won’t be able to do it because the price difference is very high.

Bitcoin has resolved this issue to a great extent. The activists are now receiving international funds from across the world with no restrictions. In bitcoin, no third party is involved and since it is a decentralized financial mode, the price difference is not so high. Moreover, you won’t have to agree on the international rules of transferring money from one country to the other.

Economical Gaps Can Be Bridged With Bitcoin Technology

With each day, the economic gap between the poor and the rich is increasing in almost every country. In the first world countries, you will find communities barely making their living, let alone bank balance while there are so many millionaires and billionaires roaming around the streets as they own it. With traditional money, it’s impossible for the activists to bridge this economic gap. But, if you are using bitcoin, you will be able to bridge this gap easily and slowly blur the lines between the rich and the poor.

Bitcoin doesn’t need censorship, and hence no activist will ever need the government’s permission. If someone is using the bitcoin to provide food, water, and other amenities to the participants of a campaign, no legal lawsuits can be filed against them. Since now you know the few ways in which bitcoin can be used for bringing social changes, you will certainly take the necessary steps to arrange your campaign funds.

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