How Attorneys Can Calculate Their ROI From Law Firm SEO

So, you’re having problems bringing in new clients? The question of why your law firm isn’t attracting enough attention is quite common and has so many different answers. One of the most common answers you’ll come across is the extreme competition between law firms online.

The desire to have a more notable presence than other law firms by completely relying on ads is what drives potential clients away from your firm. More successful competitors likely invest more in online marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO).

This specific marketing method helps expand your firm’s online presence and allows you to calculate your return-on-investment (ROI) rates. Here are five ways you can calculate the ROI from SEO.

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1. Observing The Increase In Website Traffic

There are tons of data collection methods that can directly track all sorts of different statistics, which can be analyzed to keep track of your progress towards your current marketing goals. This can also help you map out a plan for any future goals. One of the statistics available is the traffic flowing to your website. Comparing the difference in data before implementing your SEO tools and the results afterward can be a direct way to demonstrate how successful your investment was.

Having more traffic on your website increases the likelihood of your firm acquiring new clients, and that’s why you need to be aware of how many people you’d like to see on your website with regards to the expenses you’re paying to optimize search engine results.

2.Tracking The Amount Of Leads Acquired

While a lot of traffic is beneficial for your website, it’s useless if it’s comprised of the wrong crowd. Attracting the right crowd is what dictates how successful SEO investments are. This means that the unique visitors on your website also need to be interested in what you have to offer on it.

When you observe the increase in leads over time as you implement your SEO-related marketing methods, pay attention to how many people from the actual target demographic signed up and showed interest in what you have to offer on your website.

Leads comprise the number of users signing-up on your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or even just filling out forms, so they can be tracked quite easily later on. You can also calculate the outcome or profit of those leads by analyzing the previous patterns people have displayed from these leads. For instance, if 10% of your leads result in acquiring clients that pay $30 dollars, then one lead is worth $3 on average. A big part of calculating ROI rates from SEO depends on data collection and analysis, so make sure your firm is capable of doing both.

3. Successfully Optimizing Keywords

A core part of the SEO process is studying the type of customer who’s searching for your product in the market so that you can find a way to show them that you have what they need. One way of doing this is through optimizing keywords that they commonly search for, in order to show your firm in the results.

If your law firm specializes in car accidents, then it has to show up when someone searches for car accident lawyers. You can also get creative with that information by calculating the return-on-investment from it. Google Analytics helps you keep track of how your keyword attracts your desired target audience.

Some experts of SEO keyword placement at go through an entire research process before determining which keyword works best for your firm. Once the keyword(s) is decided, you’ll be able to start optimizing search engines towards it, which will lead users to your firm.

You can track your ROI from it by searching for that keyword and looking for your firm in the results, while also monitoring how much traffic that keyword usually generates with regards to the results you get on your firm’s website.

4. Clients Acquired

The most basic way to determine how much your investment is yielding in revenue is to observe the number of new clients you’ve got since starting your optimizing efforts. Finding a clear-cut distinction from the beginning is difficult, but over the course of a few months, the results should be extremely easy to see. Clients are a direct source of money, which makes it easier to calculate ROI.

The general formula of calculating ROI is to insert the amount of revenue you’ve made from your clients and subtracting from it the amount you paid for your SEO expenses. Divide the result by the total amount your expenses have cost you that specific month or year. You’ll then be able to directly identify your ROI rates without any extra analytical steps that are usually involved with other marketing methods.

5. The Number Of Phone Calls And Real-Life Appointments

As a law firm, you’re most likely handling phone calls, having appointments booked, and dealing with inquirers that want to know if your firm can handle their case. Many firms that usually offer service for free, as this helps attract more potential clients to their business. Getting people to actually pick up the phone and call you is a whole different case, though.

SEO helps guide a potential client to your website. After they make their inquiries, it’s up to you to close the deal. Monitoring how often your phone rings and how often people are interested enough to book an appointment is a direct way to monitor ROI, too. Much like leads, active engagement is easily converted into monetary figures.

Law firms that don’t optimize search engines to their favor are constantly getting buried in the search engine results, and less than 7% of people ever head to the second page of results on any search engine platform. This can make you lose many potential clients due to your lack of presence in the online world. Potential clients are slowly becoming fully reliant on search engines to find answers to all types of questions, and by optimizing SEO, you’d be taking full advantage of that to increase your revenue.

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