How To Boost Mobile Sales Without The Hard Sell

With the likelihood of high future mobile commerce growth, a solid mobile sales strategy can help you continuously capture opportunities in your markets. Driving revenue growth requires understanding the customer at a deeper level and engaging them with inspiring content, as much as possible, at the right times. Unless you’re selling an expensive product, where immediacy and regret can motivate buyer action, there is no need to push for a sale.

Here are some ways to boost your mobile sales using a soft approach. They are more easily implemented using a customer retention platform.

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Send Personalized Messages

Personalization, the use of customer data to create experiences tailored to each person’s interests and preferences, is a common tactic to strengthen connections with users and align to their needs and wants. Using personalization to connect effectively with people removes the need for a hard sell. 76% of customers expect personalization to nurture an intimate connection with a brand.

Personalize offers based on individuals’ or customers’ preferences, behaviors, and purchase history. You can send personalized offers via text messages (SMS), or as email, in-app messages, push notifications, or within the app inbox.

Knowing your customer is the prologue to personalization. Segment your audience to know what and how to personalize, as discussed below.

Segment Your Audience

Segmentation involves dividing a larger audience or market into smaller, more specific groups based on shared behaviors or characteristics. It simplifies the tailoring of marketing messages to meet the unique needs of each group. The most commonly used segmentation types are:

  • Demographic segmentation, which is based on factors like age, gender, income, education, and family size
  • Geographic segmentation, which divides your audience by location (city, region, country)
  • Psychographic segmentation, which considers an audience’s values, lifestyles, interests, and usage patterns
  • Behavioral segmentation, which analyzes purchasing behaviors, usage patterns, and brand loyalty

The more subsets you can create of your audience, the more personal your message will be. You can hyper-target your offers to users along the customer journey. While personalization may not be possible at every step of the customer journey, the more personalized the overall experience can be, the higher the chances of sales and customer retention.

Personalizing offers to leads is different from personalizing them to customers at risk of churn or your long-term customers. Consider things like content, calls to action (CTA), and message frequency likely to resonate with each group.

Use Dynamic Content

Dynamic content automatically adapts to show users the most relevant material based on their interaction history and preferences. It helps drive personalization at scale to increase customer engagement and create impactful moments. In-app messages, push, SMS, and email can all benefit from dynamic content, adding up to a holistic customer experience.

Examples of in-app or push dynamic content:

  • Personalized greetings that change based on who is logged in, for example, “Welcome back, Stella.”
  • Notifications and alerts based on user interactions
  • Personalized product recommendations based on users’ purchase behaviors
  • Discounts or promotions based on user characteristics or behaviors, for example, “Members get 10% off.”
  • Using push notifications to inform users of nearby discounts or special offers.

Customer retention marketing tools powered by AI simplify the process of adding dynamic content to your app. AI predicts customer needs and delivers timely, highly personalized recommendations across mobile channels.

Utilize SMS Marketing

Text messages have a high open rate, which explains the popularity of SMS marketing with businesses. The broad reach of SMS, which can be received on any mobile phone, which may or may not be connected to the internet, makes it effective in engaging a wide range of customers.

As SMS marketing does not require extensive resources to set up and maintain, it is more affordable than many other communication channels. You can tailor SMS messages to specific customer segments, and for time-sensitive content such as limited period offers or limited editions.

You can run your SMS campaign as a solo campaign or as part of a multi-channel strategy. If implementing a multi-channel campaign, use automation workflows to deliver a consistent experience to your audience. Analyze the results of your SMS campaign to check the open rates and sales generated, which will tell you how your investment in SMS marketing fared.

Drive Conversions On Instant Messengers

Popular mobile messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are downloaded by the millions every month. They’re increasingly a part of omni-channel customer retention strategies.

If you were using WhatsApp, for example, you can send direct messages containing special offers, discount coupons, or product updates that can drive sales; carousel messages with clickable buttons; or multi-button promotional messages. Make sure to tailor the messages to your audience and use clear CTAs.

Customer retention platforms have an all-in-one message builder using which you can create customized content for instant messaging apps and send them to small target groups, addressing their specific interests. The app allows you to create a seamless and consistent experience by using all the touchpoints each customer has with your brand. You can tailor offers based on the data from your users’ profiles, behaviors, and external data sources like BigQuery or PostgreSQL.

Increase Mobile Sales And Customer Retention With AI

AI learns from user behaviors to predict customer needs and send precise offers. No-code, AI-powered retention solutions enable you to build granular segments, launch time-sensitive journeys, and deliver timely recommendations across all mobile channels. Build relationships with customers at every touchpoint and provide relevant experiences to elevate mobile sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Don’t Have A Mobile App? Create One ASAP

Mobile apps have become integral to drive online sales for businesses. If you don’t yet have your own app, you’re missing out on growing sales and cultivating loyal customers. You can track user behavior within your app, reach out to users who abandoned their shopping carts or did not complete actions, and personalize recommendations and offers based on their preferences.

Your mobile app can be a valuable addition to your omnichannel marketing strategy. Connect your app with your website, social media, and other marketing channels. Use email marketing, social media, and push notifications to drive traffic to your app.

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