How Businesses Can Deal With Last-Minute Orders

Last-minute orders can be very stressful for businesses to deal with. First of all, if your business makes custom items, a last-minute order can place a lot of strain on you. And even if you deal with ready-made products, packaging them and shipping them out on short notice can be a hassle and cause a lot of stress. Unfortunately, some customers don’t think about this, and will still place their order a day or two before they need it. How you deal with these customers and orders is up to you, but we’re here to share a few tips that may make it a bit easier for you.

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Same-Day Delivery

If the order is for a product that you already have in stock, and you can wrap it and send it off in time, it could arrive at your customer’s door on the very same day. Naturally, same-day delivery is a bit pricier, which is why most businesses don’t use it all that often. But if your customer is desperate to get their product in time, they may be willing to pay the delivery fee. So, next time you’re stuck with a last-minute order that doesn’t require much work from your side, you can book a same-day rush courier.


Communication is important in all aspects of a business, but even more so in certain situations. When you get an order that needs to be done sooner than usual, it’s important to clearly communicate with your customer so that there is no misunderstanding. For example, if a customer says they need something “soon”, you may think that they need it the following day, when they may only need it the next week. It can be hard to effectively communicate online, so you can click here for some tips on dealing with that.

Ask For A Rush Fee

Remember that when you are pricing your products, customers don’t just pay for the product itself, but also your time and effort. This is especially true if you personally make your products. Therefore, if a customer rushes you, you are entitled to raise the price of their product to make up for the extra time and strain that you will need to undergo to complete it.

Of course, not all customers will agree to this, but if they want to get something last-minute, they will need to face the consequences. You can price your product as usual, with a slight increase because of faster completion time.

Know Your Limits

If you won’t be able to complete the product in time, or you’ll have to lower your quality to complete the product in time, you need to say no. it can be hard, but it’s not worth it to place yourself under too much stress. If a customer can’t respect the time you need to complete a product, you have the right to say no. We often say yes when we want to say no in our personal lives, and it’s no different in our professional lives, so that’s something you need to work on if you struggle with it.

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