How To Choose The Best Marketing Asset Management Solution

Leading brands use several marketing channels to advertise products and services. Between websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts, it can be difficult to keep up with content. Fortunately, marketing asset management tools enable teams to do it all. Marketing professionals successfully build brand identities and engage with more consumers through the latest systems. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best marketing asset management solution for your team.

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Determine Your Content Creation Needs

Begin your search for the best marketing asset management solution by determining your content creation needs. Each tool comes equipped with different design tools. In order to choose the best solution for your marketing team, you need a list of must-have features. Some solutions provide you with brand templates.

You can customize these templates to create your own, unique content. Hence, they work well for teams that specialize in graphic design. Several digital asset management systems also offer brand guidelines. This feature makes it easier for teams to stick to the same themes. If you want to create similar content for various platforms, this is a great tool to have. Determine your needs to select the best marketing asset management software system.

Review Organizational Features

After you write a list of content creation needs for your brand, review each solution’s organizational features. The best marketing asset management software offers advanced organization tools. With these features, you can find your marketing materials quickly and easily. Find a solution with tagging and keyword tools. You can include both in your assets to store them properly.

When you need a specific document, search for the tags and keywords to find your materials within seconds. Moreover, the top systems provide you with central digital libraries. You no longer need to switch back and forth between platforms. Instead, you can find everything you need on the same dashboard. Choose a digital asset management solution that increases productivity through organizational features.

Require Cloud Accessibility

Moreover, select a digital asset management tool that offers cloud accessibility. This requirement is crucial because it allows team members to access documents from anywhere. You can edit an upcoming Facebook advertisement at home. Upload a new Twitter post idea during your morning commute. Work on a blog post advertisement while you wait in line for coffee.

The possibilities are endless with a cloud-based software system. Your colleagues can even edit your content as soon as you add it to the solution, allowing you to collaborate in real time. As long as the entire team downloads the associated mobile app, you can all stay on the same page. Make cloud accessibility a requirement to choose the best marketing asset management software.

Search For Advanced Analytic Tools

The top marketing asset management systems meet analytical needs as well. Search for a solution that offers target audience insights. The best systems show when consumers view your published content the most. Use this data to optimize your social media and blog post schedules. Furthermore, advanced asset management tools provide data on who is viewing your materials.

Use this feature to discover any additional audiences that you are reaching. Based on your insights, alter your marketing content to reach audience groups better. Then, you can launch more effective content campaigns. You need analytic tools in your digital asset management software to drive results.

Include Asset Reuse Functions In Criteria

Lastly, include asset reuse functions in your criteria. The best marketing asset management systems make it easy to use the same materials on several platforms. You can integrate dozens of social media applications to your solution. Once integrated, you can send the same advertisement to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter simultaneously.

Many marketers publish a post to Instagram one day and wait to see the results. Then, they identify the posts that received the most engagement. They reuse these posts on other platforms. By reusing your content, you create the same brand identity across all channels. Select a media asset management solution that makes the process as easy as possible.

Invest in a digital asset management system to improve your content processes. To find the best option for your brand, determine your content creation needs. Then, review each option’s organizational features. The best systems are also cloud-based so you can access information remotely. Find a solution with advanced analytic tools as well. Finally, purchase a system that makes it easy for you to reuse content. Use this guide to choose the best marketing asset management solution available.

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