How To Get Into A Game Design Career

Game design is a very lucrative career option, especially when you consider how popular games have become. However, game design is often misunderstood. Game designers not only create the feel and setting of the game, but they also have to think about how the visual elements will work with the mechanics and rules of the game. This means there is a lot to learn before you become a game designer. This guide is meant to show you the major steps you can follow to land a career in game design.

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Complete Your Education

While it is possible to become a self-taught game developer, it is a more challenging path than following the traditional one. On this path, you need to complete high school education, and then get a game design bachelor’s degree. Game designers can also end up in this career by completing a computer science degree and then taking a game design course.

Having a degree provides you with the solid foundation you need in game design and is something many employers check for.

Start Doing And Build A Portfolio

Game development studios want to know that you are passionate about the industry. Because of this, you can learn to get better and make yourself a better candidate by creating a few games.

There are a lot of games you could design to impress an employer, but the problem is that many of them are complicated and have been done so many times by other candidates. This is why you need to step outside and pursue something different. This is not to say that you cannot design games in traditional and common niches, just that you might have a harder time standing out if you do.

You do not have to develop a massive video game by yourself because you can start with simpler games like casino games. These already have established mechanics that you can copy, and their designs are relatively simple. To find some inspiration, check out the best real money casinos and the games you can play in them at

Get Some Experience

The two main ways to get some experience in the game design industry are to land a role in a company or to land an internship. The roles can vary, but many game designers start in quality assurance. This allows them to see what goes on inside the games and to learn about games architecture and how they are developed.  Working in QA also helps designers understand the whole game design process.

As an intern, you might not have much to do but you will still get some opportunities to work with experienced game developers. Try to give your input and ask for small tasks as an intern, so people can see what you are capable of.

Apply For Jobs

Now that you have a degree, design skills, a robust portfolio, and some experience, it is time to start applying for jobs. There are lots of online platforms that make this easy, so they remain the best place to start.

Following the right steps can land you a job as a web designer. However, you have to be persistent, ready to step out of your comfort zone, assertive, and always open to continuous learning and learning experiences.

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