How To Get Started In Binary Options?

Binary options are a type of options contract in which the reward is based solely upon the result of a yes/no proposition, hence the name “binary option”. The proposition usually relates to the market value of an asset, and whether it will rise above or fall below a specified value.

After acquiring a binary option, a user has zero input as to the behavior of the binary option as everything from the moment of receiving it happens automatically. The user doesn’t even hold the right to buy/sell the asset to which the binary option is tethered.

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The payout can be received after the binary option expires. At this point, if the result of the option is positive, the buyer receives a predetermined amount of cash, or if the result is negative, they will receive nothing at all.

Various online trading platforms allow you to trade binary options with varying strike prices based on the probability of the results. Smart traders have figured out the various strategies required to become successful in trading binary options. This article will guide you and give you some tips on how to trade binary options.

Get Acquainted With The Market

Binary options trading seems simple right out of the gate. You predict whether the price of a specific asset will be above a specific value at a specific time. If you think yes, you buy. If you think otherwise, you sell. But at the same time, to make such predictions, you need to have your finger on the pulse of the market.

Of course, no one can predict the future, but the more informed you are about the current trends in the market, predictions, world events, and financial movements, you will get an idea as to how they might affect the market prices. This will help you make a prediction that has a high chance of panning out.

Select Your Trading Market

There are a variety of factors you need to keep in mind while selecting the market you want to trade binary options in. For example, it may depend on the duration of the binary option. It can be intraday, daily, or weekly.

Next, it’s about finding the right strike in the market, which offers the ideal opportunities according to your trading plan. Your inclinations may also play a big part in selecting the market you want to trade in. You may be interested in politics and how it affects the dollar or the oil market and the trends in supply and demand. These inclinations tend to attract you to specific markets.

Strike Prices And Expirations

Placing your bets on the perfect strike is a delicate balancing act of smart predictions and keen market observation. While losing money is part and parcel of binary options trading, blindly selecting strikes without a plan is a surefire way to lose more money than you earn.

To find the perfect strike, you need to remember the probability of the outcome you are betting on, and the risk involved based on the money at stake. You also need to keep an eye on the duration of the binary option, as they are available in a range of expiration times. These include 5-minute, 20-minute, 2-hour, daily, and weekly contracts.

Initiating The Contract

After you have determined the ideal strike for you, it’s simply a matter of initiating the binary contract. You can either buy or sell the binary option, and there is also a choice between a limit order and a market order.

Next, you will need to select the number of contracts you want to buy or sell. Make a clear decision at this juncture based on the profit/loss margins and place your order. Your order ticket will be displayed and the transaction will be completed.

Early Close Or Expiration

After you have invested in a binary option contract, you need to keep a close eye on the market and observe the valuation trends of the asset in your binary option contract. If you feel that the value is moving towards a negative result, you may close out early and minimize your losses.

You might also be tempted to close out early if the market is currently in your favor and you want a small but confirmed profit. The other option is to wait for the expiration of the contract and either collect the total payout or leave the trade empty-handed.


Hopefully, the aforementioned information will help you in your foray into binary options trading. While there are no confirmed profits in binary options trading, following this guide will help you maximize your chances of a successful trade and help you start earning in no time.

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