How To Give Your Office A Fresh Feel For Your Staffs Return

With staff out of the office and no real end in sight for a mass return to office life due to the current pandemic, it could be the perfect time for an office makeover in time for when staff do return to their place of work. I’m willing to bet most of you have had a drab office which has been crying out for some much needed TLC and a good few tweaks to increase that office feng shui for years. Well, what better time to do it? It’s a positive outcome during a sad time, and we all need more of that in our lives right now and the office workers will be sure to appreciate it.

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Decor Change

As simple as it sounds, perhaps a plain old change of the paint is a good shout. Mixing up the color change with something that lightens and brightens the office is a surefire way of revolutionizing an office space. You can change the dynamic, replace an otherwise dull wall with a color palette that invites workers to be more happy and productive.

If you want to go for the full shebang, you can look at changing the carpets, furniture, and toilets to try and revolutionize the space from dull greys to homely and vibrant warm colors, but no need to break the bank to do so, furniture especially can be affordable from suppliers such as Office Reality.

Indeed, perhaps another option you could explore when changing the decor could be to go with the brand color schemes. This subconsciously connects the office workers with the brand through association and could help increase productivity as well as improve mood in the office.


Stale air, damp sweat, or overpowering air fresheners can often dominate your nose as you step foot in your office. To bring some life and fresh air into the office you can do more than just opening the window or doors. What about kitting out of the office with a plethora of different plants to bring some much-needed life and color to the workplace but also some serious oxygenation. These bad boys not only offer aesthetic advantages but also health advantages.

If you aren’t so keen on the upkeep of a plant, which is understandable, perhaps technology can help you out. Air purifiers for your desk can offer air cleaning services similar to that of a plant but without the need to water them. They can make fresh air throughout the day so you continue to inhale nice fresh air and reap the benefits of this – healthier minds and increased productivity.

Change The Layout

How about you try and change the layout of your office to give the place a fresh feel for the staff’s return. Maybe mix up where the desks are, look to create community spaces and increased relaxation zones. Creating the perfect work/play balance is essential for anyone to fulfill their best potential. Obscure furniture, mirrors or the installation of showers and bathing facilities are all options to change up the office slightly, making it feel more welcoming and fresh for your staff’s long-awaited return in a post-lockdown world.


In these tough times it’s best to try and make the most of a bad situation. What better time to use the empty office to rejuvenate it for your staff’s return. By incorporating some of these ideas into your makeover you should make the place feel more homely and healthy.

It’s important that when you are creating these new spaces that you fully consider the new normal social distancing and guidelines surrounding Covid-19 as these are rules which are sure to be long term. But installing some quirky new makeover changes in the office can make the office have that fresh feel and appeal to your workers when they return.

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