How Hodlers Can Earn Crypto Passively By Holding with Hodlnaut?

Life is easier for the ones who have good financial skills. It is crucial to learn money management skills because that impacts your credit score and the amount of debt you are bearing. Investments can help you manage your income and savings in a better way that can protect you from overspending and improve your financial status.

Being good with money requires enough knowledge and practice. To all the beginners thinking of investing in a cryptocurrency, this blog can completely guide you to the right path.

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Not Sure What Crypto is? Here’s What You Need To Know

What is cryptocurrency? What are the different types of cryptocurrency? Is investing in crypto a quality investment?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset, also known as virtual currency, secured by cryptography. The entire process is connected to a network that is distributed across a large number of desktops. Blockchain technology lies at the origin of the growing structure of cryptocurrency, and due to the decentralization, the process is free from the interference of government authorities.

Different Types Of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been a trendsetter, and it was only after the first appearance of Bitcoin that the industry is growing and glowing. It started as a simple journey with a peer-to-peer method for value exchange and has now given birth to the Decentralized Finance movement. There are other cryptocurrencies as well that were catalyzed by the successful growth of bitcoin.

Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Ethereum, and EOS are a few of them. The aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies, according to the report of August 2021 consists of over $1.8 trillion. Interestingly, Bitcoin approximately represents 46.5% of the total value.

Is Crypto Valuable?

People are now well-informed about the concept of cryptocurrency, and the level of adoption has only increased with time. Cryptocurrencies are accepted as a part of a person’s investment portfolio. It’s all about holding on to hope that the value will appreciate in the future. However, when asked whether investing in a cryptocurrency is a good investment or not, the answer can be multifaceted.

Investing in crypto assets is tremendously profitable, but only if you want to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency. Also, it promises to make the transfer of funds easier without the interference of a third party like a bank or a credit card company. However, everything has its negative aspects as well. Cryptocurrencies have to bear the brunt of criticisms for several reasons, such as involvement in illegal activities, exchange rate volatility, and the liability of the infrastructures underlying them.

It is important to mention that supply and demand are the determining factors for the market prices of cryptocurrencies. Hence, the rate at which you can exchange a cryptocurrency for another currency keeps on fluctuating widely.

Irrespective of all the criticisms, observers have seen potential advantages in the cryptocurrencies, such as preserving value against inflation, surviving outside the manipulation of central banks and governments.

Holding Your Crypto With Hodlnaut

Cryptocurrency is about holding onto an expectation of appreciation of its value in the future. Have you ever thought of an opportunity where crypto funds sow the seeds of returns in the form of interest over regular intervals besides waiting for the appreciation of value?

Here, let me introduce you to Hodlnaut. A Singapore-based cryptocurrency interest account platform, founded in 2019, Hodlnaut, offers compound interest of 12.73% for stable coin assets and 7.5% for bitcoin. Though one may consider it as a newcomer to the cryptocurrency interest account block, no one can deny that it delivers some of the best industry’s competitive rates.

According to its site, Hodlnaut has accumulated about $500M assets from over 10000 users. Also, with Antler, a Singaporean startup accelerator and venture capitalist firm, the platform raised about $100000 in funding from one pre-seed fund round.

Hodlnaut has successfully created market conditions that aim to ensure the growth of your crypto along with its storage safety and transit. With their extensive resources learn and explore how crypto interest accounts can benefit your stack.

It’s your time to get started with Hodlnaut’s Interest Account. Deposit your bitcoin or any alternative coin anytime with no lockup or deposit limit. Earn compound interest on your asset. Also, the interests are driven by market effects at industry-leading rates. You will be receiving weekly payouts on your wallet and can withdraw your funds anytime.

How Can They Afford To Pay Interest?

Hodlnaut lends the assets that they receive to established financial institutions that pay an interest rate. Hodlnaut’s competitive interest rates are subject to change as per the market conditions. You can earn up to 12.73% interest on six supported assets with an option to earn interest in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Just to let you know, Hodlnaut has never been hacked! They use industry-standard encryption along with other safety regulations to keep your assets and information secure on their platform.

A leading digital asset custody solution named Fireblocks is Hodlnaut’s main custodian, therefore, it employs different methods to ensure the security of the assets invested. Lastly, Hodlnaut provides you the opportunity to purchase insurance on your crypto via a partnership with Nexus Mutual, a well-known European Company.

Hodlnaut is indeed gaining popularity among crypto users as it has been able to earn the trust of a community of 10000 users who have used this platform to earn better returns on their crypto investments. All credit goes to their flexible deposit and withdrawal options along with impressive interest rates and best security features.

Summing Up

Blockchain technology has significant potential and can be used for online voting and crowdfunding. Also, it has the power to lower transaction costs by streamlining payment processing. As an investor, you can always make money with cryptocurrency either by mining bitcoin or selling the bitcoin at profitable rates. Bitcoin has always been the most popular cryptocurrency followed by the others.

If you are thinking of starting your journey as an investor then, study the features and jump into the ocean of opportunities with Hodlnaut. Earn passively with a Hodlnaut Interest Account that helps you get returns of up to 12.73%.

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