How To Make $100,000+ Per Year Drop Servicing

Have you ever wondered how to start a drop servicing business? Maybe you don’t even know what drop servicing means? This is my A to Z guide for how to build a successful drop servicing business so that you can start your journey to achieving financial freedom in your life. What makes me qualified to talk about this?

I have built up numerous online drop servicing businesses over the past five years which all generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year – and are highly profitable.

It is possible for anyone to do what I have done, but it does take hard work and time. One of the best things you can do before starting a drop servicing business is to learn how to develop the right mindset that will set you up for success, this is something that we focus on in the Drop Servicing Blueprint course by Dylan Sigley. If you develop the right way of thinking you will be much more likely to succeed.

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Dylan Sigley, How Do I Start A Drop Servicing Business?

Step One – Backwards Engineer The Competition

The first step is to validate that there is a demand for the service that you want to offer, and then to research your competition. The aim of researching your competitors is to look at every aspect of how they operate their business so that you can do the same for your business. Most of your competitors have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours mastering how they operate and market themselves. You don’t need to reinvest the wheel, you can copy and then personalize what is already working well in the market for other service providers.

You will also need to ensure that there are high-quality freelancers offering your service on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. We go into this topic in-depth in the Blueprint course but essentially you have to make sure that there are freelancers available who can carry out the service that you are selling to a high standard and at a price where you can make a good profit margin.

You will need to contact your competitors by phone or email to work out how much they charge for their services. Let’s say that you can charge your clients $4000 and you only have to pay your freelancers $500, then you can generate $3500 in profit!

One of the best parts of the Drop Servicing Blueprint course is that we give you all of the templates that you need to reach out to competitors and freelancers. This will allow you to speed up the research stage of launching your business.

Step Two – Create An Offer

Now that you have all of the research data that you need, the next stage is to create an irresistible offer to present to prospective clients. Your offer will emphasize the price difference between you and your competitors. We can do this because we are leveraging the power of the internet to hire skilled freelancers and sign up clients from anywhere in the world using online communication tools.

Your next task is to build a website to communicate your offer to clients. There are a ton of low-cost website building tools out there that anyone, no matter their technical literacy can use. You want to list the service that you provide, offer testimonials from past and current clients, and have a call to action. I recommend that the call to action is to get clients onto a call so you can talk to them through your offer.

Step Three – Market Your Offer

The next step is to go out there and market your offer to prospective clients. Two cost-effective ways to attract clients are to use cold emailing and LinkedIn. You can first go to a free directory site like Crunchbase and research start-ups and other companies that you think will require the service that you offer.

Crunchbase gives you the companies contact information like their phone number and a contact email address that you can use since it is public. You then go to LinkedIn and find the companies and it will show you a list of employees at the company. You find the employee that is likely to be responsible for signing up service providers and reach out to them via email with your offer.

Another way to do this is to first send a message through LinkedIn. You find the relevant person you need to contact and send them an intro message laying out how you can help them and inviting them to connect with you on the platform.

You can do this part yourself or outsource this process using a mixture of software programs and freelancers. For example, you can hire someone to be your dedicated lead generation person to reach out to prospective clients on your behalf.

The Bottom Line

We have been able to use these methods to drive hundreds of thousands of revenues and build long term relationships with clients who have worked with us for many years.

By following the Dylan Sigley methods, you can build a life of financial freedom for yourself so that you can decide where and how you work. If you join our Drop Servicing Blueprint course we will give you an A to Z roadmap of how to launch and scale your drop servicing business.

In the course, we give you templates that have been tried and tested by hundreds of business owners. Before signing up, check out the reviews of the Drop Servicing Blueprint course by Dylan Sigley to get an idea of what to expect.

Author Bio: Dylan Sigley is an online entrepreneur, founder of Dropservicing Blueprint as well as his dropservicing businesses — PSV and DID. In the hopes of teaching students how to do what he did, that is to start their own online business, Dylan Sigley has created the Dropservicing Blueprint course where anyone can learn all about building your first dropservicing business.

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