How Can Mobile Device Management Help In The Workplace?

While managing a company, there are a lot of things that can go out of hand if you are not paying enough attention. For instance, managers are usually fooled by smart employees who know their ways around fake laughs and appreciations.

They can come and fill the manager’s minds with whatever they wish because they know that their manager is not peeking around in every corner. If you are someone who stays in their office, pretending to be knowing everything through other employees, you are not doing a good job. You can do much better to make your role effectively.

Same way, the managers who don’t keep their eyes on every corner of their office, often end up losing their data and information as well. They don’t know what their employees are doing, what virus is entering through the wrong use of the internet and digital device, or who is trying to get into their systems to hack their data. These things are happening right now to plenty of companies that are not up to date with the digital era.

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They are not using the technology as they should. Mobile device management is a solution for those employers/managers. Now, they don’t have to walk around every other minute, they can do everything from their office remotely.

With MDM software, there is no need to walk around each desk and see what your employees are up to, instead, you can see what they are doing, how are they using the internet, and much more through this software remotely. Also, you can manage the devices that are being used by the employees to increase the efficiency of devices and productivity of employees. It is all about being in charge of everything that is going around so that you can run your company smoothly while knowing everything that is going around.

Why Do You Need MDM At Workplace?

While every other company is being attacked by hackers and is losing their data due to the immature behavior of their employees, there are still some managers who are not acquainted with the idea of using technology to make things better.

These are the people who think old ways were much better and there is no need to bring upon unnecessary changes that they don’t understand. Though they might be right in some cases, we know dangerous things are getting when you are not paying enough attention. Here are some more reasons to convince you to use MDM for the betterment of your company.


While you might think that you are providing everything good to your employees and that they should be thankful, some employees are really on the same page as you. Rather than giving you loyalty, they might be conspiring with your competitors to sell out confidential information. No matter how much you provide them, such types of employees can’t show loyalty. They will always be inclined towards the temporary benefits that the other company is providing and that is a big loss for your company.

Though it is good to trust your employees and stick by their side, at the same time, you need to be cautious and that is why you need an MDM solution. With VantageMDM, you can see what they are doing over their phones, with whom are they sharing confidential information, and what sort of betrayal are you going to deal with. You can make an example out of it so that the other employees can’t even think about it.

Employee Productivity

Research says that employees who are spending most of their time on smartphones are usually less productive. They spend most of their time scrolling through the internet, searching for useless things, or talking to their friends on social media. None of these activities can improve their work performance, instead, you will face a decline in their work pace. This is another reason why you need to keep an eye on them and make sure they are not spending too much time on the phone.

You don’t need to the evil boss here; you only need to point out when you see them jeopardizing their work over their entertainment. For instance, you might have an important deadline coming up and they might be playing games on their phones. That is something unacceptable. You need to be someone who reminds them that there is time to work and then you can relax for a bit.

Kiosk Mode

MDM solution not only offer you monitoring features, but it also comes with kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is when you put your devices restricted to only a few apps. This has been proven to be most helpful when you are dealing with the unnecessary use of smartphones and the internet.

You can provide them with the devices that are kiosk based within the workplace’s premises. They will only be able to work through those devices along with roaming on the internet regarding their work. This will give them freedom but along with it, they won’t be able to roam through social media for no use.

With kiosk mode, many companies have conquered and secured a good place in the market with efficient teams. When you put your devices to kiosk mode, not only do you restrict the use of the internet and smartphones, but also you will see how efficiently those devices are working with only fewer operations working on them. There will be no lags and errors to waste the IT team’s time.

Uninterrupted Meetings

When you have several devices working on the same server and internet, you can expect errors. The meetings and conferences can also face a glitch when you have a lot of things working on the server side by side. With kiosk mode, that is not going to be an issue. When you have devices working on limited apps, there is no need to worry about the surprising errors that can cause a disturbance.

With kiosk mode, you can make sure that you have a smooth network. Also, if any error comes up, you don’t have to rush to the IT team for a fix. With VantageMDM, they are already monitoring your screen in their department and they will see right away what went wrong. They can even fix the issue without much of a nuisance. You can have smooth interrupting meetings with the help of VantageMDM.

Running a business is not an easy thing, but when you have the right tools by your side, you don’t need to take much of a headache. You can use that technology to sort out the issues that were disrupting the workflow before. Also, your employees will know that you are watching and you know what is going on. You can become a good employer/manager when you have your eyes opened up. So, get your hands on this amazing MDM software right now to get the most out of your business successfully.

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