How To Promote Your Podcasts In 2021

Podcasts are the emerging form of popular audio formats in the market. There are over 2,000,000 shows on the web out there, and it is constantly growing. Creating a podcast has a technical aspect, with appropriate mics, editing, compilation, and so on. But, after you have made your podcast, then what?

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Promote It

Promotion is equally vital as the creation of a podcast. This is how you will grow from 20 regular listeners to 100, then 1,000 and beyond. However, before you get knee-deep into promoting your podcast, it is beneficial to keep these prerequisites in mind:

  • Produce quality content that exhibits the traits of uniqueness, value, and stickiness.
  • You have to be patient and keep striving to find and serve your audience base.

Now, keeping these in mind, here are a few ways to cut through the noise and create an identity for your podcast, promoting it dynamically:

One-Stop Audio Marketing Tool

Implementing all the things a podcast requires seems tedious and time-consuming. True. It takes time to learn, but don’t let that cause you to skip or brush off the marketing aspect. You want to have a platform helping you to create animated podcast video clips, stylish audiograms, and a quick and valuable landing page with all your links for your audience to listen, download, and subscribe. You want to capture your listeners’ emails. A platform like Wavve could help you promote your podcast easily and as effectively as possible so your marketing effort isn’t an afterthought.

Wavve can be the primary tool facilitating all the above measures and steps, ranging from eye-catching audiograms to creating a quick landing page with a custom link to your numerous streams and feeds. It also provides seamless video creation with multiple engaging animations, templates, and captioning in over 60 languages. Wavve enables you to encompass all the promotional measures in a single platform, providing an impetus to your growth, rating, and audience base.


Develop audience personas. It is similar to buyer personas, but you have listeners and not customers buying a product in the case of podcasts. You have to focus on the podcast listeners who get the most value for it. Developing personas also aids in creating your niche and facilitates in designing promotions suited to the respective audiences. Later, you can choose to widen your target and garner more regular listeners.

Audience personas also help in identifying opportunities to serve and establishing a close link with the listeners. If a guest appears on your episode, take advantage of this opportunity to share something valuable with their followers or audience to expand your reach further. Creating shareable videos and media your guest can share on their socials of the podcast is a very effective strategy to encourage more natural marketing.


If you happen to launch your very first podcast, make sure you have recorded 5 to 7 episodes of it. When you launch, try to release at least three episodes. This helps in captivating the audience through consistent content, and they will await more after the three episodes. Try to launch further episodes at strategic timings, based on other’s data and later on your data. This helps in attracting a fair amount of listeners in the initial launch phase.

You can also add links to your archives of podcasts if they are relevant to a new one. This helps in keeping your backlog content engaging and a follow-up for future content. Transcribing the entire podcast boosts SEO and generates valuable leads. You can also experiment with highlighting the critical parts in quotes and other methods along with the transcription.


Word-of-mouth is ever impactful. There are places physically and virtually where the target audience might congregate or hold forums and discussions. Begin with being a part of the conversation or community and give value there. Gradually, people will click through your profile and see your podcast links there, so be sure to make it clear where people can go to listen.

Use the landing page link to all your streams so people can choose their preferred player. By helping people know that they would get further insights and value on the topic through the podcast, you will gain more listeners. Remember, don’t blatantly post in these forums and groups unless the rules allow it, or you will be hailed as a spammer and blocked.

Creating guest posts on sites with similar audiences serves the same purpose and makes other people aware of your podcast and discussions.

If you mention a brand or influencer on your show, consider contacting them and asking them to share the particular part of your podcast with their audience. Again, it’s always helpful to create those assets highlighting them first so there is no work on their part. Doing a little work upfront will help them say yes more easily.


Networking with other podcasters at similar levels of growth and inviting them as guests or appearing on their shows can help symbiotic growth in popularity and listeners.

Conducting give-aways is yet another golden method. You can ask people to leave reviews to participate in giveaway prizes depending on the budget. Being open to obtaining and listening to valuable feedback from your listeners and taking action on it will improve your show and it’s marketing over time.


Now, to complement and provide a base to the above measures, having a podcast landing page can do wonders in your promotion. A consciously curated landing page facilitates engagement, providing a way to capture email addresses of regular and potential listeners. This paves the way for email marketing and a newsletter, which helps you connect with people personally and develop strong CTAs (Calls to Action) for them.

Ensuring your landing page provides some analytics will provide insightful metrics for bettering your promotion. It also creates a shared space for all your podcast feeds and gives options to your audience.

Combining this with posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms can garner more listeners.

However, people want different types of content on different platforms. Designing an audiogram for Instagram helps to add a visual aspect along with a soundwave and audio track. Visuals have twice the appeal and retention, and people are less likely to miss them. Tailoring posts according to each platform helps in delivering the right message and impact for promotion.

Transforming the podcast into a YouTube video has a 3x greater reach and impact and helps promote by giving you more powerful linking and captioning options in the description and comments. The growth of the video would also improve your rating on other platforms like iTunes and Google Podcasts.


Promoting takes time to bear fruit, and once it does, there is none sweeter. Wavve will further direct your audio marketing efforts seamlessly beyond a podcast hosting service, help you avoid the dread of marketing after creation, and enable you to get a good return on efforts and time. Keep podcasting, keep growing.

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