How To Protect Your Consumer Rights When Making A Digital Purchase

When you are making a digital purchase, it is important that you protect your consumer rights. As a consumer, you are afforded rights, and if you do not exercise them, you are making a big mistake. Rights are given to consumers for a reason. The reason you are given rights is so that you do not find yourself taken advantage of and so you are treated fairly and properly. For the reasons mentioned, it is very important that you always exercise your rights as a consumer.

In this article, we will hope to tell you how you can protect your rights when you are shopping online. The internet is considered to be the wild west for fraudsters and con artists, people quite frequently fall victim to sophisticated scams and cons. By knowing your rights, you can avoid falling into the snare of these fraudsters.

Here is how to protect your consumer rights when you are making a digital purchase.

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Do You Work Overtime?

While not pertinent to our titular question, it is important to discuss one’s rights with regard to overtime, for digital rights are digital rights, and with Christmas approaching, our rights are more relevant than ever. With many of us having to work online and remotely, you are still entitled to overtime.

In the state of Texas and in many other states across the United States, all employees are legally entitled to overtime, and according to one unpaid overtime lawyer in Nashville, if you believe you have an overtime claim, then you must absolutely make it. You must always seek your rights out if they have been infringed and you are entitled to them, and while it can be difficult to do so online, it is absolutely necessary.

Purchasing Items Online

Digressing from our previous point and returning to our titular question, we will now discuss how to protect your consumer rights when shopping online. As a digital consumer, you are entitled to digital content and products that are of satisfactory quality, that are fit for the purpose that they are intended for, and that they arrive as they have been described by the seller.

Refunds – Partial And Complete

If the product does not meet your expectations, or if you want to return it, you will be entitled to either a full refund or a partial refund. You may only receive a partial refund to pay for a repair of the content or product. You may receive a full refund if there can be no possible way in which your content, program, or product can be fixed. If you do not want a refund and you want a full replacement, this is something you may have to bring up with the retailer.

Faulty Digital Content And Products

If you have purchased an item or content online and it has arrived faulty, you are within your rights to have your money refunded, which we will discuss further on, and you are entitled to have it replaced. With that said, if you make purchases on an unscrupulous website, you may not be entitled to your rights, and you may find them stripped from you. However, if you purchase from a respectable website, you will be entitled to the aforementioned things.


When it comes to digital downloads, products, or content, you are entitled under the CCR [Consumer Contracts Regulations] to cancel something within fourteen days of the original purchase. However, you cannot download the content, service, or product.

If you download it, you are stuck with it; when it comes to products ordered online, you can usually have them canceled. With that said, some companies do not allow for cancellations, but they will explicitly state this when you are making the initial purchase, so be sure to read the fine print and any disclaimers that they may be offering.

Claiming Your Refund Or Compensation

If you are entitled to a refund of compensation but the retailer is withholding your refund, then you should contact trading standards, or whichever body regulates internet trading in your country. Many unscrupulous retailers will refuse to refund a person and will refuse to offer compensation; this is illegal in many cases and is not something that you need to deal with. You can fight back against this and you can even summon a retailer to court if they refuse to give you your consumer rights. It is good to bring these problems up with an internet lawyer.

With the help of this page, you now know how you can preserve your consumer rights. As they are your rights, you must exercise them. Failing to do so is very foolish. You should never put up with being mistreated by retailers. We hope that you have learned something from this page and it was of benefit to you.

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