How To Run A Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign – Complete Guide

Even in the age of WhatsApp, Instagram and twitter, a text message has a different charm. Somehow it is easier to reach people and share your ideas via text message as compared to other social media platforms. This is the reason why it is one of the most used tools in marketing. Most brands use texting leads to send information about their products to potential customers. It is a simple yet effective way to share an idea with a mass audience. Therefore, a successful and well planned text message marketing is a must for your business to grow.

On average, a normal person receives 10 or more text messages daily. The texts could either be personal or promotional messages from brands. It is a big challenge for the brands to make their SMS stand apart from this crowd of notifications. It needs a little more than writing all the right words to get the customer’s attention. Therefore, it is necessary to plan your SMS marketing campaign and that is why we have come up with this article.

This article will provide you insights on how to run a successful text message marketing campaign. Read the article to get expert formulated tips and tricks to convert your text leads into sales and profits.

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Need Of Text Message Marketing Campaign

A text message has an open rate of 98% which is 78% higher than that of promotional emails. A business needs to run an SMS marketing campaign to bond well with their audience.

The text message has the power to deliver the message in short and simple words and does not require much effort. The text leads technique has been used by businesses since ages to bring more customers to their table. Here are some reasons stating why your business needs to implement a text message strategy:

  • The text messages are a fun and unique way to connect with the audience. One can use emojis, slangs and modern day lingo in their message. It does not follow a formal tone like mails or phone calls.
  • As all the text messages go in the same folder irrespective of the sender, it has higher chances to be read and accessed by the user. The SMS folder does not separate promotional and personal messages like a mailing app.
  • It gathers more audience for the business. It is easier to obtain customer’s numbers as they are frequently used for sign-ups and registrations. The text leads have a high chance of being converted into actual sales numbers.
  • It is an adequate tool for both small and large scale corporations. Small businesses can use it to add more customers to their business while the larger ones can use it to retain their customers and offer them offers and discounts.

Choosing The Right SMS Marketing Company

Choosing the right SMS marketing company can do wonders to your business. With the market being so full of options, it becomes difficult to make a choice. A right text message marketing company is your company’s true best friend. Therefore, it should be in complete alignment with your goals. It should not require much time and effort in setting up and delivering messages. The business should choose a company that provides efficient services without cutting a whole in your pocket.

JustCall SMS marketing company is one such alternative. JustCall provides its clients with shortcode numbers which is helpful in business communications. It also helps the  business in launching bulk message campaigns easily. Businesses can avail JustCall SMS marketing free trial to try and test their services.

Consensual Texting

The businesses must obtain permission from their clients before starting to text them. Texting without consent could make the customers unhappy and lead to blocking and reporting. The business site should ask the customer before storing their information to its database.

The customers should be asked clearly for their consent while they sign-up on your website. For example, “Want to get exclusive discounts and deals? Text “BEGIN” to 67868 and get the latest updates!” is a perfect way to ensure the client’s consent to receive text messages from the business.

Apart from asking consent from clients and having them sign-up to your website, the business should also let them know how to opt-out. The customers should always have an option to withdraw their consent from receiving text messages from the company. For example, “You will now receive promotional messages from xyz company. Text STOP to 67868 to opt out.”

Creative and Engaging Texts

The text messages should be creative, simple and short. It should deliver a clear message. The message should be able to hold the reader’s attention. Here are some tips for creative text messages:

  • Use an informal and friendly tone.
  • Try to interact with the reader in a language they understand.
  • Be clear with the purpose of your text. The message should not be ambiguous.
  • The reader should feel like the centre of attention while reading the message.
  • The SMS should not exceed more than 27-30 words. If it is exceeding that length, it is advisable to send a message in two parts.

For example, “Feeling Hungry? Grab a snack at Hunger Point now! Use Code: XYZ for a special discount” is simple and conveys the message with clarity.


All the marketing texts must be sent with a Call to Action. CTA is a necessary element to marketing texts as it helps the audience realise the main aim of the message. The business should choose the call to action of their text message vey wisely.

Also, the message should not have multiple CTA as it confuses the reader and leads to unclarity. The CTA is a perfect way to alert the audience and influence their choice. The drafting of CTA in a marketing message decides the ultimate fate of the message. For example, “Singer ABC will perform live tonight at 9. Follow ABC Updates for more” Here CTA is clear and triggers the reader to follow the business.

Avoid Spamming

The businesses often spam the customers with their messages and notifications. The spamming insteading of generating clients leads to loss of audience. Reading multiple messages in a day stating the same promotional message causes annoyance to the reader. This results in blocking, reporting and even unsubscribing from the message list.

The business while running a text message marketing campaign should focus on quality and not quantity. They should draft messages that influence the reader’s mind at once without having to say it multiple times. Spamming the audience does not motivate a customer to buy from the business rather it becomes the reason people avoid purchasing or signing-up for that particular brand.

Text Timings

Delivering the right message at the right time is the most important in a text marketing campaign. The messages should be sent at appropriate hours. The business should decide a time where most users are free and able to access their phones. The business can schedule their message timings with JustCall SMS marketing. JustCall SMS marketing assists in sending messages as per client’s demography and the business’s most active hours. It suggests appropriate texting hours for the business based on its client profile for best results.

In fact, the business should also allow some time for the audience to completely get and act as per the information provided. For example, sending this message “The sale ends at midnight. Hurry up and shop now!” at 11:30 Pm is unlikely to yield any profitable results. It would have been appropriate to send this message in the morning hours. The messages should be delivered with enough time for the audience to act.

Similarly, the business should draft messages as per the coming festivals and occasions. For example, sending a message announcing a discount on gifts for mothers around mother’s day. The businesses can also take creative inspiration from on-going events and the content going viral on social media. It helps in drafting relatable messages and connects a wider audience for the brand.


A well strategized text marketing campaign guarantees to yield higher results for any business. However, the businesses should not expect it to be a magic wand and give results overnight. SMS marketing is a way of familiarising the audience with the brand, its products, theme and style which is a time consuming process. The business should set achievable goals and take steps to achieve them. The business should choose an efficient text marketing company for their campaign.

The business should not draft offensive or disrespectful messages to members of any community. The messages should not be drafted to please an individual alone as it leads to resource wastage. The content should be applicable and understandable by all the recipients. The content of the message should be customer-centric with a nice, warm and personalised tone to it.


1. Is A Text Message Marketing Campaign Effective?

SMS marketing is a good way for businesses to get their attention, according to 70% of customers. By communicating with customers in the way they prefer, your company is more likely to receive engagement and a response.

2. What Are The Open Rate Of Sms Campaigns?

SMS marketing has undeniable effectiveness. With 82 percent open rates, texting has by far the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium. 90% of messages are read within three minutes of being received.

3. How Do You Make A Powerful Marketing Message?

Speak the language of your customers.

The better you know your customers, the more effectively you can deliver high-quality ads that matter to them in meaningful ways. Delivering a powerful marketing message is critical to improving your return on investment and reaching your target audience.

4. What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Deciding On An Sms Marketing Tool?

Here are some critical factors to help you decide if the SMS marketing tool is the right fit for you:

  • It allows you to set up your text message campaigns easily
  • It allows you to target specific segments and doesn’t break at scale
  • Helps you optimize your campaigns based on the time your customer is most responsive and the message CTAs etc.
  • Helps you target accurately based on demography, content affinity, purchase history and other customer attributes

5. What Are The Different Types Of Sms Marketing Campaigns?

The different types of SMS marketing include sending coupons, flash sales, loyalty programs, notifications, stock updates, shipping updates and more. Brands experiment with various SMS marketing types to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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