How To Safeguard Air Quality In Commercial Spaces

Proper air quality should be a priority for every office and commercial space. It helps keep your staff and guests healthy, preventing any fevers, coughing, headaches, or other respiratory problems from occurring. If you notice that a lot of your employees are complaining about this, but only when they’re at work, then your office has a bad case of sick building syndrome.

So, here are some helpful ways to fix this problem and safeguard the air quality in the workplace.

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Carpet Cleaning

Believe it or not, your carpet at work is always an easy target for pollutants and numerous allergens. This is a big problem that various business owners miss, and it can be a contributing factor to the low air quality at work. So, you should have all your carpets cleaned and vacuumed regularly to effectively improve your office’s air quality. You should think about hiring professional cleaners to take care of this for you; it will be worth every penny spent.

Get Air Filters

These tools are a crucial part of any ventilation system, regulating the air and cleaning it accordingly.  You’d be surprised just how effective filters could be when they’re durable and have long-lasting features, making it perfect for your staff members that have allergies and other respiratory issues.

Remember to get the best unit models that can withstand any environment in the workplace, allowing you to keep your indoor air quality, clean daily and minimize all the possible air pollutants that could be the culprit behind any bad symptoms that your employees could be experiencing.

Office Plants

This is another simple yet effective way to safeguard your air quality at work, allowing everyone to breathe better in the process. Plants are known for absorbing toxins, producing more oxygen, and they make your office look peaceful and appealing. Proper workplace aesthetics and healthy employees can be achieved easily with just a couple of potted plants at work.

Mop The Floors

If you neglect your floors and choose not to mop it every few days, then your floor will collect dangerous allergens like dust and dirt. Tiles or hardwood floors can change how everyone feels if they are left unchecked and filthy, making it crucial to have them properly cleaned to prevent your airflow from getting contaminated. Remember to use non-harmful cleaning products that can keep the office smelling nice and fresh, allowing people to work properly in a clean and fresh environment.

Having A No Smoking Policy

It’s not unexpected to have employees who regularly smoke, but that doesn’t mean that they should freely smoke whenever they want in the office. This would be a closed indoor area that won’t have enough air regulation to get rid of the smoke and bad smell. So, you should have rules in place that prevents people from smoking in the office. A lot of your office equipment and furniture could absorb the smell and bad toxins, making matters worse when it comes to air quality.

Furniture Cleaning

We’ve mentioned before that your furniture could absorb the bad allergens and smells that you’re trying to get rid of, so cleaning them every few days can be a great plan to keep your office fresh with clean air quality. It helps you get rid of germs and other pollutants that fly in the air and cause a lot of your employees to get sick. You should be doing everything you can to keep everyone safe.

Control Your Humidity Levels

You need to understand that high humidity can lead to the spreading of mold, dust mites, and other harmful allergens that could make your employees feel miserable. So, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a couple of dehumidifiers to control the level of humidity in the office and keep it between thirty and fifty percent for better air quality.

Monitor Your Central Air Conditioning And Ventilation

It’s always smart to give your central air system a thorough check-up because it can help improve your air quality in the office. Monitoring can also be a great way to prevent poor ventilation, making everyone safe and healthy.

It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t breathe properly at work; it makes your job extremely difficult. You need to implement some safety measures for your staff’s health and wellbeing, especially if it’s a unanimous effect on everyone in the building. Think about changing your ventilation system and install multiple filters to ensure that the air is getting regulated properly, making everyone inside feel comfortable. Because of the various people inside every day, it’s important to improve your indoor air quality to keep everyone healthy.

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