How To Start A Successful Blog

Starting any venture can be like jumping into the unknown. You’re going to be committing a lot of time to X task, and you’re not quite sure of the outcome. It can be a combination of intimidating, nerve-wracking, and scary.

While a blog is, admittedly, not as big of a jump as say, starting one’s business, it still requires commitment, time, and a lot of thinking and planning. Perhaps you have thought about starting a blog before, but haven’t quite taken the plunge. Read the tips below to help you get started on your own blog.

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Choose A Theme

No matter what the blog is, they all have a theme. How do you go about choosing a theme? Why not start with something you enjoy? “Do what you love and love what you do” is a common phrase that means you should be doing something you like. You don’t want to start a blog about the latest tech gadgets if you’re not interested in technology.

If you’re a big traveler, make it a travel blog for cool places and travel tips. Maybe you want to review makeup products. Or perhaps you have your own idea! Whatever it is, make sure you stick to your theme!

Produce Regular Content

Plain and simple: you’ll want your readers to come back, asking “what’s next” or “what else do you have”. If you’re putting out regular content, you’ll have readers coming back on a regular basis. In order to do this, you will need to put together a well-researched content marketing strategy that is customized to your buyer personas.

Producing content is just like any other strategy. People will be looking out for your next piece, your following review or next article, and if you fail to produce regular content, chances are they will eventually lose interest and move on. A consistent content schedule will allow readers to know what is coming and be on the lookout.

This doesn’t mean you have to be publishing an article every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:05 P.M., but you’ll want to keep having something published. If you’re short on ideas, think about making a series of posts that all tie together or do some deep-dive research into your theme or topic of choice. You don’t want people to forget about you and your blog.

Build An Online Presence

While you may never reach the level of superstar Instagram influencer, it’s essential to be able to build up your blog through other outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are places you can keep your followers aware of your next plans or blogs coming up. You can tie posts together, like a picture of your recent girls outing with a link to your blog post.

Eventually, you’ll want to have your own website to expand your blog and reach more people. Building a website may seem like a daunting task, but there are countless tools out there that help you make it look sleek and professional.  In the course of your blogging career, you may upset a few people with your honest opinions, so make sure that you get business insurance early on.

Network, Network, Network

How do you get people to even hear about or notice your blog? Chances are you’ll start out by telling your friends and your family, and they may or may not tell more and more people. Your following may be small at first, but with consistent networking and planning, you’ll be able to bring more people to your blog and online presence.

Networking can be done offline or online. As a matter of fact, building an online network of friends is a great way to get guest post link building opportunities, which will allow you to promote your site through referral traffic and improved keyword rankings.

Just like making your online presence known, you’ll actually have to share it. Don’t be afraid to mention your blog to others and let them know what you’re doing. Now, don’t turn into “that person” who does nothing but talk about their blog at their friend’s baby shower, but you don’t want to go completely silent either.

Turn A Profit

If your blog is just about sharing your life’s adventures and making money isn’t really a goal, you can stop reading. Class dismissed! Otherwise, you may want to start exploring ways about how your blog can make money. You can sell different products or services off your blog, place ads on your blog, or get paid to write reviews or promote products.

Once again, you’ll have to narrow down exactly what your blog is about before you can reach this step. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and with dedication and focus you can turn your blog from a hobby into your job!

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