The Anatomy Of A Professional Email Signature [Infographic]

As much as people moan and groan about email, it’s still the main tool used during the day for professionals to communicate with each other. There was a time when people thought social media tools like Twitter direct message and Facebook messaging might overtake email as the most popular way to send messages, but email continues to reign as number one. If you use email a lot, have you made sure you have a professional email signature in place?

It’s important to give some attention to your email signature since it contributes to your company’s branding. Even though I’ve used email regularly for over a decade, I didn’t realize there were dos and don’ts when it comes to the content of a professional email signature. I mean, obviously I’ve seen some email signatures that are more professional than others, but I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to compose that piece of the email. It makes perfect sense though since it’s another point of exposure for your company, and it’s one which every email recipient will see.

This infographic called Anatomy Of An Email Signature by provides some helpful tips to assist you in composing the most effective, professional email signature. The most interesting thing this infographic points out is that “most real people add real contact info to their signatures.” In other words, with as much spam as we all get today, just tending to that one small detail can set you apart from all the other emails your prospect or client is going to receive today.

Another great point is that it’s important not to use an entire image as your email signature. It will most likely become an attachment (I get those all the time – so annoying). Even if it does make it to your recipient the way you intended, if it’s an image, it won’t be clickable which is not effective. It’s hard to believe something so seemingly small as an email signature could have such a huge impact on the effectiveness of your email, but it does! I hope this helps you compose the perfect, professional email signature.

How To Create A Professional Email Signature

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Via: [Social Media Today] Header Image Credit: [Apartment Therapy]